Brock Purdy has demoted to the second position among the quarterbacks after back-to-back losses.

After a great start to their 2023-24 campaign, the San Francisco 49ers finally suffered two major setbacks. The consecutive five victories were followed by two back-to-back losses which triggered concern among the analysts since the 49ers are considered as one of the possible Super Bowl winners this season. The two losses made some of the analysts raise their eyebrows over the performance.

However, LeSean McCoy is not someone who counts himself in this list of analysts. The former Philadelphia Eagles man said that the consecutive losses would not hamper the journey of this team, as they are well-balanced and can create ripples in the coming time.


I am not worried. They are a good team. At the end of the day….They are 5-2… They are 5-2. And I think the last night’s game, things that jumped out to me. The first thing is the defense. I am not going to talk about Brock Purdy, I will talk about the defense. They ran the ball when they wanted to. They failed on the third down. Over and over and over.

McCoy on FS1’s SPEAK

The analysts further added:

The formula for the 49ers to win since he (Brock Purdy) has been playing the quarterback… we gotta win the ball… we gotta dummy the last man on both sides of the ball… We would have a menace on the third downs. They have a good offense… the defense failed to stop when they needed to stop.

The San Francisco 49ers’ defense is one of the best in this league. They have not conceded many points and restricted opponents to a much lower score. Even, the games that they lost were close encounters where opponents failed to grab many points. In this case, Shady’s comment does not make a lot of sense.

Brock Purdy has been on a downward trajectory in the last two games

Purdy has been phenomenal in the first four games of the season. He was playing in his pick. The analysts started considering him the favorite for the MVP award for the 2023-24 season. He was ranked at the top among the quarterbacks.

However, the performance in the last two games, especially in the game vs the Browns, made analysts rethink. Against the Browns, Purdy had one of the worst performances in his short career. He covered 125 yards with a touchdown and registered the first interception this season. Against the Minnesota Vikings, he covered 272 yards but had two interceptions against a touchdown.

Brock Purdy

Brock Purdy (Via X)
However, Purdy is still very much in the race. So far, he has covered 1,668 yards of passing with 11 touchdowns and three interceptions. His ranking has deteriorated. Presently, he is standing in the second position on the QB ranking. Nonetheless, the NFL is a marathon league and Purdy has every chance to win the MVP award in the coming time.