Jason and Kylie Kelce are mourning the loss of their beloved Irish Wolfhound Winnie, with the latter posting an emotional tribute to the family pet on social media.

The Kelces had two of the huge breed, a male called Baloo and a female called Winnie, and Kylie revealed late on Thursday that they have lost Winnie.

In an emotional post, accompanied by a raft of photos of the dog, she wrote: ‘When I was in high school I had a folder on my desktop labeled “Gods gift to earth”. It was images of Irish Wolfhounds that I had collected from Google.

‘I had fallen in love with the breed when I was a young and never let my fascination with them fade. It all lead me to Winnie and holy s*** did she live up to the hype. She was everything I had hoped for in a Wolfie and more.

‘I lost part of my soul today, but I know she is at peace. I love you, Winn. You will always be my first born child.’


Kylie Kelce shared some adorable images of their beloved wolfhound Winnie, who has died

The huge dog was even present on her and Jason’s wedding day, and was a part of the family

Jason had previously shown off the height of their two dogs with a hilarious Instagram post

Responding to the Instagram post almost immediately, brother Travis wrote: ‘You [gave] Winn an amazing life Ky!!’

Over the past few months, the Kelces’ Irish Wolfhounds have been big news, with Baloo even invading the New Heights podcast last week.

In a hilarious moment, the gargantuan dog starting barking off-screen while Jason was recording the podcast.

To stop the commotion and continue their football talk, Jason had to go off-camera to let the dog into his house, before it then plopped onto the sofa behind him.

Jason also previously shared an incredible picture detailing the size of the two wolfhounds, with the dogs towering over his 6-foot-3 frame in a bid to steal a slice of pizza.

Both Kylie – and brother-in-law Travis – paid tribute to Winnie after her sad death on Thursday

The family’s two Irish Wolfhounds predated Kylie and Jason’s three children

Winnie lays in the family vegetable patch on a sunny day in Philadelphia

‘They are wonderful animals, absolutely adore mine,’ he posted on X, in response to a fan who asked for advice on whether to get one or not.

‘Very loving and connected with their humans. Not for everyone though. If you travel a lot, have limited amount of space, keep food on the counter, and have nice furniture, they may not be for you.’

He added: ‘Incredibly gentle, loyal, majestic lapdogs that hate being away from their owners.’

The two dogs even made it into the Kelce family photo last year with the pups wearing reindeer antlers for the occasion.

In a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot with Minted, Kylie joked that it was hard to corral the ‘smelly’ dogs into the photo.

Travis told Kylie on Instagram that she and Jason had given ‘Winn’ an ‘amazing life’

Travis watches on as Baloo runs across the screen during a recording of ‘New Heights’

One of Jason’s wolfhounds found a cozy spot on the couch behind where he was filming

‘Person on the naughty list [of] Team Kelce is Baloo,’ Kylie joked, warning crew members about leaving snacks out for the dog to steal. ‘If we lose another loaf of bread to Baloo Kelce …’

Kelce chimed in, adding their dog will ‘eat anything in sight.’

‘The vets are like, “Hey, don’t give him chocolate.” We’re not givin’ him chocolate, he’s choosing chocolate,’ the Philadelphia Eagles center quipped, with Kylie concurring that it definitely earned Baloo the ‘naughty’ label.

It has been a very emotional few weeks for the Kelce clan, after Jason hung up his cleats in an emotional press conference earlier this month.