Although it doesn’t look like Travis Kelce will be coming to Singapore until after Taylor Swift’s Eras tour ends – he has a very logical and reasonable reason for his absence – in fact, Kelce is currently traveling to meet his girlfriend. happening again as we speak, according to TMZ.

On Wednesday, the outlet reported that Kelce and his manager, André Eane, were now flying to Singapore for Swift’s final performance of the month before her extended vacation. The surprising scoop comes from Eane’s former high school basketball coach, who shared with X (formerly known as Twitter) a photo of the two catching up at a Cleveland Cavaliers game.

“Great to see @dreeanes at the Cavs game tonight,” the coach wrote. “Former @SEHS_BASKETBALL [St. Edward High School] and now Kelce’s manager, great job!! I’m going to the Taylor Swift concert in Singapore tomorrow: travel safe!! »

Kelce took Swift’s jet last month to fly to Australia for one of her concerts. The two were spotted getting cozy at Sydney Zoo in photos that went viral. Travis spoke about his stay below on Wednesday’s episode of his and his brother Jason Kelce’s podcast, New Heights. And he talked about Tay in the process.

“There were fully equipped helicopters flying overhead,” he recalls, referring to the paparazzi. “They airlifted us! Well, not us, Taylor. That’s because Taylor is the best and greatest thing ever.”

Earlier this week, Travis traveled to Philadelphia to support Jason as he announced his retirement during an emotional press conference on Monday. During his tearful speech, Travis can be seen wiping away tears while showing off a cute friendship bracelet given to his girlfriend.