Dak Prescott threw his first interception of the season against the Cardinals.

The Dallas Cowboys were expected to demolish the Arizona Cardinals, arguably the worst team in the NFL. They came into the game on the back of two impressive wins over the New York Giants in week 1 and the New York Jets in week 2. However, the Cowboys tasted the first defeat of the season against the Cardinals, 28-16, in what was the surprise result of week 3.

The offense stalled out in the red zone, converting only once in five attempts in that part of the field. QB Dak Prescott did not have a great game, throwing for 249 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Former NFL player and current analyst LeSean McCoy blamed Prescott for the Cowboys’ loss as he thinks the team’s lack of confidence in their quarterback is very telling.

“I’m blaming Dak Prescott. I blame him for the losses because I told you this – the defense, yeah, they’re great, but one day they’ll have a bad day, they’re gonna have a slow start, it happens all the time in football. The offense was super conservative, they don’t trust Dak Prescott.” McCoy said on his Fox Sports show, SPEAK. “We don’t want you to throw the ball. We’re down by two scores, we’re gonna run it” because… they don’t trust him. You don’t trust him to throw the ball without making turnovers. You can’t win like that.”

“If you’re gonna pay a QB $160 something million dollars and you don’t trust him to throw the ball without making turnovers — you can’t win like that,” he added.

Prescott came under a lot of criticism last season as he led the league in interceptions with 15 in the regular season. He threw his first pick of the season on Sunday against the Cardinals. The Cowboys will face another tough challenge next Sunday when they will host the New England Patriots.

Dak Prescott says the loss to Cardinals was a ‘humbling’ experience

The Dallas Cowboys‘ loss to the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday was a massive upset. The Cowboys came into the game with the best defense in the league after the first couple of weeks and were expected to handle the Cardinals with relative ease. Instead, the Cardinals rolled over the Cowboys in stunning fashion beating them, 28-16.

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott (via NBC)
Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott talked about the loss after the game. “Y’all put us on top of the world,” Prescott told the reporters. “We knew who we are. In that same sense, I’m sure the media got what it wanted. For us, there hadn’t been but one undefeated team. It sucks, it’s humbling, but to say it’s a wake-up call, we knew we had a lot of adversity and we just didn’t get it done. It just goes back to myself, the offense, in the red zone. We get better there, we win this game. But we’ve got to fix that area, period.”

The Cowboys will face the New England Patriots next Sunday at the AT&T Stadium. Prescott will hope to lead his team past the Patriots after a tough and humbling loss against the Cardinals.