Kylie announced Winnie’s death on Thursday by sharing a carousel post on Instagram

Kylie and Jason Kelce are mourning the death of their beloved dog Winnie.

On Thursday, Kylie, 31, shared a carousel post of their dog to announce the news.


“When I was in high school I had a folder on my desktop labeled ‘Gods gift to earth,’ ” she wrote. “It was images of Irish Wolfhouds that I had collected from Google. I had fallen in love with the breed when I was a young and never let my fascination with them fade.”

“It all lead me to Winnie and holy s— did she live up to the hype,” she added. “She was everything I had hoped for in a wolfie and more.”

“I lost part of my soul today, but I know she is at peace,” Kylie continued. “I love you, Winn. You will always be my first born child.”

Kylie’s brother-in-law Travis Kelce was among those to leave comments, writing “🥺🥺 You have Winn an amazing life Ky!!”

His ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole also wrote “Winnie girl. What a sweet life she lived. ❤”

In the tribute photos, Winnie was shown happily lying down in the garden and on a blue and white blanket. Kylie also included a snap of her and Winnie looking at each other on her wedding day. The post then featured a snap of what appeared to be Jason, 36, stroking Winnie’s fur.

Kylie Kelce posts a tribute to her dog Winnie.


Winnie’s death comes after Kylie honored her husband’s career following his retirement from the NFL after a 13-year career at the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Pulling this one out of the archives to congratulate this guy on his retirement,” she wrote earlier this month under an Instagram snap of two on the football field. “Your accolade studded 13-year career is a direct result of your hard work, determination, and resilience.”

“I am immensely proud to be your wife and can’t wait to see what you do next,” she added. “As always, the girls and I will be there cheering you on every step of the way! 💚”

Kylie Kelce shares tribute to her dog Winnie.