Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West, 10, mocks dad Kanye after announcing debut album

Kim Kardashian’s daughter recently announced the release of her album debut Elementary School Dropout

North West, the spirited 10-year-old daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, recently captured attention with a playful nod to her dad.

In a series of photos shared on TikTok, which she manages alongside her mom Kim, North showcased her creativity and humor.

Among these images, one stood out: North, adorned with a fake beard and an oversized bonnet decorated with dollar bills, channeled her father’s iconic style, demonstrating her knack for imitation and the close bond she shares with Kanye.

The shared montage was a vibrant mix of North’s everyday adventures and precious moments with friends.

From selfies adorned in bright pink sweatshirts and engaging in playful antics to snapshots of truffle pasta dinners and ice cream desserts enjoyed in good company, North’s TikTok is a window into her world.

Among the varied images were glimpses into her interests, including a fascination with footwear, designer bags, and the simple joys of friendship bracelets and a pond brimming with turtles.

© TikTokNorth West causes a stir online

In her bedroom, North posed for more selfies and solo shots, interspersed with throwback photos that highlighted cherished memories from her toddler years.

Her humorous impersonation of Kanye, complete with meticulously applied makeup to mimic facial hair and a stern expression, showcased not only her playful spirit but also her admiration for her father.

North West announces her album debut

This lighthearted post, humorously captioned “Hahaha” by North, preceded a significant announcement: the release of her debut album, Elementary School Dropout.

Revealed during one of Kanye’s concerts in Phoenix, Arizona, the album’s title playfully echoes Kanye’s own The College Dropout signifying a creative lineage and perhaps a nod to her father’s influential legacy.

Dressed in an oversized black shirt, baggy sweatpants, knee-high boots, and a fluffy hat, North confidently took to the stage at the Footprint Center.

Her announcement was met with excitement and cheers from the crowd, underscoring the anticipation surrounding her musical venture. Kanye, supportive and proud, stood by her side, guiding her offstage after the reveal.

© Arnold JerockiNorth West is incredibly close to her dad Kanye West

While the album’s title, Elementary School Dropout, sparked curiosity and concern among fans, it’s clear that it serves as a tribute to Kanye’s debut and represents North’s playful and audacious spirit.

Her previous musical appearance on a track from Kanye’s Vultures album hinted at her burgeoning talent and confidence, qualities that will undoubtedly shine through her own music.

As Kanye’s The College Dropout achieved monumental success, selling 441,000 copies in its first week and earning a 4x platinum certification by 2020, North’s Elementary School Dropout stands as a testament to her creative aspirations.