Whoopi Goldberg Brings The View Crew Member to Tears with Touching Engagement Tribute

During Monday’s episode of the ABC show, Goldberg acknowledged colleague Nikki Cain, who got engaged over the weekend

 Whoopi Goldberg Brings The View Crew Member to Tears with Engagement Tribute

Whoopi goldberg.

Whoopi Goldberg is celebrating a special milestone for a member of The View family.

On Monday’s episode of the ABC daytime show, Goldberg, 68, took a moment to acknowledge crew member Nikki Cain’s recent engagement.

“Before we do anything, I want to congratulate the young lady you’re going to see — she takes pictures around here from time to time,” the TV host said, as the camera panned to Cain, an associate social media producer, who was wearing a glittery pink slash printed with the words “Bride-to-Be.”

“She just got engaged this week. Her name is Nikki,” Goldberg continued, prompting cheers and applause from the audience.

After the shout-out, Cain blew kisses, waved and held up her hand to show off her engagement ring while smiling, before she suddenly teared up.

Co-host Ana Navarro then shared her reaction to hearing the news over the weekend just as she was about to film a contributor segment for N.

“On Saturday, she called me, FaceTimed me, I knew the minute I saw it come in,” she said of Cain’s call. “We love you, Nikki.”

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After Sara Haines joked that she and her fellow hosts previously pressed Cain’s future mother-in-law about when the engagement would finally happen, Sunny Hostin revealed that Cain and her “amazing” fiancé, James Rainey, have been together for five years. She called the couple “a match made in heaven.”

Cain, still overcome with emotion, thanked the women for their touching tribute. “I grew up at the show, I know so many people here, so the fact that I get to celebrate with you all makes it the perfect ending to a perfect day,” she said, wiping tears from her face.

Whoopi Goldberg Reveals She Doesn’t Go to Weddings — but Made an Exception for Joy Behar

While Goldberg cheered the news of Cain’s engagement, it remains to be seen whether she will attend her wedding. During a September episode of the show, the Ghost star revealed her surprising “no-weddings” rule.

“I don’t go to weddings,” she said, an admission which shocked co-host Joy Behar, prompting her to point out that Goldberg did attend her 2011 wedding to Steve Janowitz.

“Why, you came to mine, to Steve,” she said in response.

Goldberg proceeded to explain that she made an exception for her friend and colleague and clarified her reasoning. “Yours is the only one I went to,” she told Behar, 81. “Because I love the reason you got married — not just because you guys were in love, but because you guys wanted to make sure that you had somebody in case somebody had to pull the plug.”

“Isn’t that what you said?” Goldberg prompted Behar, who confirmed that marrying Janowitz was in part about planning for future realities.

“And I thought, ‘You know, love is great, but practicality is everything,’ ” the Sister Act actress said.