The View hosts walk out to The Apprentice theme song, celebrate Trump defamation verdict

Whoopi Goldberg danced to The O’Jays’ “For the Love of Money” as the hosts praised Donald Trump being ordered to pay $83.3 million in E. Jean Carroll defamation case.

After Donald Trump was ordered to pay money, money, money, money — $83.3 million, to be exact — to E. Jean Carroll following a high-profile defamation suit, The View cohosts began Monday’s broadcast by walking out to the The Apprentice theme song.

“Woo!” moderator Whoopi Goldberg said, dancing as she took her seat at the Hot Topics table while the tune played overhead, replacing the show’s usual theme music.

“Hey now, welcome to The View. We just walked out to The O’Jays’ ‘For the Love of Money,’ which is the theme song of The Apprentice, and that’s connected to the fact that [Trump] has to pay money, money, money, money,” Goldberg continued, referencing the ongoing ordeal, which initially saw Trump ordered by jury verdict in May 2023 to pay Carroll money in a defamation and s*xual assault trial — an amount that increased on Jan. 26, after the former president continued to publicly disparage Carroll.

“You know, if he had just shut his mouth, he’d have been dealing with $5 million. But, this is what happens when you’ve got a hard head and a soft behind,” Goldberg remarked.

Whoopi Goldberg on The View, Donald Trump on The Apprentice

Whoopi Goldberg on ‘The View’ ; Donald Trump on ‘The Apprentice’

Legal expert Sunny Hostin later weighed in, raising the alarm over Trump’s temperament as he makes a bid for a second White House term ahead of the November presidential election.

“Someone who lacks that kind of impulse control that cost him $83.3 million should be nowhere near a nuclear code,” she said, while Ana Navarro added that she “thoroughly enjoyed” the verdict, and slammed Trump for gloating “about grabbing women by the hoo-ha” before offering a damning assessment of the legal proceedings: “Well, the women grabbed back,” she said. “E. Jean Carroll grabbed him by the pocket, which hurts him the most.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin, Trump’s former White House communications director who resigned in 2020 ahead of regularly criticizing her ex-boss, praised the jury for giving Trump the “first real consequence” for his actions, and speculated that he’s going to “start to spiral” as a result.

“I know this is gloating, I know. But, what a damn shame this is for all of us. This is what it took to get justice for one woman. For one woman, who said, listen, enough,” Goldberg said at the end of the segment. “I’m glad there is finally one. This is the first one. I don’t know if we’ll see any more consequences, but I’m damn glad for this one.”

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Carroll also spoke on the jury’s decision on a recent episode of Good Morning America, where she was asked what she’ll do in the aftermath of the case.

“I’d like to give the money to something Donald Trump hates. If it will cause him pain for me to give money to certain things, that’s my intent,” she said. “Perhaps a fund for the women that have been s*xually assaulted by Donald Trump.”