Jennifer Aniston discussed why her nipples were prominent on Friends, revealing that they were a trending feature.

Fans have speculated that the wardrobe team cut holes in her bras to show her nipples, or that it was a personal choice made by the actor.

Jennifer Aniston talked about why her nipples are clearly visible on “Friends.”

Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel Green on “Friends” became an icon early on, and we love her for it.

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Fans are always curious about why her nipples appear clearly in the shower scenes, whether it was an accident or not, and Jennifer happily shared.

Everyone loves “Friends” and Rachel Green is the ultimate fashion icon, thanks to her stunning hair, fabulous fashion and transformation from rich dad’s girl to top fashion shopper.

Fans would have loved everything she did, if only she’d left sad Ross in the finale and gone with Jed to Paris.

But there is one thing that has always fascinated fans over the years, which is why her nipples appear so much.

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Not that it’s a bad thing, they’re truly legendary, but she really paved the way for the free nipple movement.

Fans have come up with many of their own theories. Some say the costume team did what they did in Mean Girls and cut holes into Jennifer’s bra so her nipples were visible.

Meanwhile, others believe that it was just the actor’s personal choice behind the scenes, or maybe it wasn’t a conscious decision.

One fan tweeted in 2015: “Did you know that ‘Friends’ producers asked Rachel and Monica to cut holes into their bras so their nipples would show?”

Some people believe it was Jennifer who insisted on cutting holes into her bra. Another tweeted: “Did you know she asked the costume team to cut holes into her bra so her nipples would show?”

Whatever the real reason, everything makes Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel Green unique and scores points in the hearts of “Friends” fans.

She has not only been a fashion icon with her fashion sense, but has also paved the way for discussions about freely expressing yourself confidently and without restraint.