Despite being one of the most famous people on the planet, Lady Gaga likes to keep her social circle small. The 13-time Grammy winner admits she enjoys ‘having time alone’.

“I really enjoy living a more solitary life,” she told Wallpaper magazine. “It’s nice to have time alone, feel free to open up, and know that just being yourself is enough. I wish I could have told my younger self that.”

Lady Gaga: 'Tôi muốn sống một cuộc đời cô độc' - Hình 1

Lady Gaga opens up the idea of living a lonely private life, out of the spotlight – Photo: Getty

“When I was younger, I spent a lot of time writing music alone,” she says, “But the more successful I became, the more I felt like I needed others to tell me I was great.” The Oscar winner said her idea of music has always been about making music itself, not the rewards that come with it.

“When I was about 14 years old, I read a book called ‘Letters to a Young Poet’ by Rainer Maria Rilke. And I have a quote from the book tattooed on my arm,” Lady Gaga shared.

“I realized this when I was in Osaka at the age of 23. In the darkest hours of the night, I wondered if I would die if I was banned from writing music. I looked deep into my heart, where the answer took root, and asked myself, do I have to write?,” she added.

“If I wasn’t as successful as I am today… I would still write music. I will do it no matter what happens. Absolutely, 100%,” she said. “I know that because I don’t really spend much time in Hollywood. On the outside it looks like I like Hollywood because sometimes award season comes around and you see me on the red carpet. But I really like working at home. That’s what really makes me happy.”

Lady Gaga: 'Tôi muốn sống một cuộc đời cô độc' - Hình 2

Lady Gaga performs at the 2017 Coachella music festival – Photo: Getty

Lady Gaga: 'Tôi muốn sống một cuộc đời cô độc' - Hình 3

A performance by Lady Gaga at the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl event – Photo: Getty

Lady Gaga: 'Tôi muốn sống một cuộc đời cô độc' - Hình 4

Lady Gaga said she likes to spend time on her own and will happily accept a lonely life without being passionate about fame – Photo: Getty

This isn’t the first time the “Born This Way” singer has talked about fame. At a 2016 concert in London, she told fans that her money, beauty and celebrity status caused others to flatter her excessively.

“I have traveled around the world and seen the happiest people in the poorest places in the world. Their values are intact. In the richest homes, I met the saddest and most depressed people,” she said.

“With the album ‘Joanne’, I want to remind the world and my fans that the most important things are love and kindness. Kindness is what will create harmony, not celebrities and popularity.”