In yet another sad ending to a Hollywood love story, a recent revelation by a pair has warmed the hearts of many. Talking about his former girlfriend Helen Mirren, Liam Neeson, the well-known actor, has shown nothing but gratitude.

Neeson’s words have warmed the hearts of fans as his every word is nothing but filled with admiration and affection, showcasing a deep bond of love and respect.
Liam Neeson and Helen MirrenLiam Neeson and Helen Mirren

Liam Neeson Talks with Gratitude About Former Girlfriend Helen Mirren

In a recent interview, Liam Neeson, well known for his roles in different action-packed thrillers, opened up about his past relationship with Helen Mirren. Talking about this to ET Canada, Neeson said Mirren is nothing short of remarkable. He further talked about how thankful he is for sharing a part of his life with her.

Talking about this, Neeson said, “I should be so lucky and be honored to have spent three or four years with that lady, She’s really something else.”
Liam Neeson and Helen MirrenLiam Neeson and Helen Mirren

Even though it has been a long time since both of them went their way, the duo still has profound love and respect for each other.

In November last year, even Mirren opened up about her and Neeson’s relationship. Talking to the AARR The Magazine, Mirren said,

 “We were not meant to be together in that way, but we loved each other very, very much.” She further added “I love him deeply to this day. He’s such an amazing guy.”

These heart-warming words by both stars have left fans in awe as they look up to their long-standing love and respect even after all these years.

Liam Neeson and Helen Mirren: The Love Story

The love story of Liam Neeson and Helen Mirren kicked off back in 1981 when both the stars met each other on the set of the film Excalibur. For Neeson, it was love at first sight as he was smitten by Mirren’s beauty and style.

However, after dating each other from 1981 to 1985, the couple parted ways. Talking about their breakup, Mirren said, “I was well known; I had the money.” Of course, that would soon change, but Mirren “had a sense from Liam that it was time for him to come out from under my wing.”

Liam Neeson and Helen MirrenLiam Neeson and Helen Mirren
She also stated that it was very hard for them to part ways but they still did what was best for them. However, taking on to the reality of life, both of them went on with their lives.

While Mirren met Taylor Hackford and married him, Neeson went on to date Julia Roberts and Brooke Shields before he eventually met his wife, Natasha Richardson. Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson got married in 1994 and welcomed two sons, Micheal and Daniel. Sadly, Natasha Richardson passed away in 2009 after suffering a head injury while skiing in Canada.