Bianca, 29, was walking hand in hand with her husband Kanye West, 46, in Los Angeles, California.

Bianca Censori was accused of copying Kim Kardashian’s lookCredit: BackGrid

Bianca was seen wearing bright green leggings just like KimCredit: Getty

Kim, 43, and Kanye filed for divorce in 2021 after getting married in 2014 and having four children together.

In the photos taken this week, Bianca was wearing a strange outfit that only seemed to include random pieces of underwear.

Her legs were covered in a neon green stocking – similar to one of Kim’s previous looks – but she was not wearing underwear.

The stockings were pulled down on the right side to expose her lower back and a part of her butt – and no underwear was in sight.

Bianca’s top was only covered in a skin tone bandeau bra that seemed to be one size too small as her breasts were popping out the top.

The only things she accessorized with were a pair of tall patent leather pumps and her cell phone.

Her toned and muscular abs were on full display while showing off her flawless tan.

She was wearing a face full of simple makeup, and her hair was pulled back into a tight and tiny bun at the back of her head.

The rapper stood by her side fully clothed in a baggy black sweatshirt and oversized black pants.


Bianca and Kanye critics on Reddit got a hold of the photos and tore her outfit apart.

One fan also called Bianca out for copying Kim’s signature lowkey hairstyle – the slicked-back bun.

The fan said: “OK the sad tiny struggle bun is the first thing I’ve seen on her that may be Kim-inspired.”

Other fans wondered about her style and asked: “My only question is: WHY does she dress like this?

“If Kanye is the one that ‘revolutionized’ Kim’s style, what is his influence doing to Bianca? There are ways to look 𝑠e𝑥y AND classy without this.”

“Yeah, they’re clearly trolling at this point. Anything for attention I guess,” another added.

A fan commented: “You know the outfit is bad when it looks unflattering on someone that hot.”

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In recent months, Kanye has fans worried that he’s forcing Bianca to wear these outrageous outfits.

However, earlier this week it was revealed that his ‘controlling’ behavior could be part of a plan to outdo his ex-wife.

Ye and Bianca have stolen headlines after Bianca wore x-rated outfits in public.

There have even been reports that her family has been concerned that she’s being forced to wear revealing looks.

But a PR expert recently claimed that the strange outfits are a publicity strategy to outdo Kim, according to PR Guru Mark Borkowski and the DailyMail.

Mark said: “Kanye understands outrage and is trying to break the Internet.

“I think a lot of people are starting to feel rather uncomfortable, despite everything he’s said, about that he feels he can do whatever he wants with his partner.”

He mentioned that people and brands typically fell into two camps – one that thinks Kanye is controlling and the other that believes Bianca is complicit.

Bianca’s hair was also slicked back in a similar fashion to KimCredit: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian

Fans have called out Bianca’s questionable outfitsCredit: Instagram/ ARKANGEL

A PR pro said her provocative outfits were made to break the internetCredit: Instagram