Boffins say they’ve now come up with a formula for the ‘perfect bum’. And according to scientists, the ‘perfect’ peach has nothing to do with size, and is instead based on the ‘golden’ waist-to-hip ratio

Close-up of a woman's bum as she wears white underwear

Boffins say they’ve cracked the formula to find the ‘perfect bum’
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People’s bums are very different – with some wide and around and others more tight and compact.

And when it comes to preference in a partner, many look for different things when it comes to their other half’s rear.

However, boffins say they’ve now come up with a formula for the ‘perfect bum’. So how does yours measure up

According to scientists, the ‘perfect bum’ has nothing to do with size, and is instead based on the ‘golden’ waist-to-hip ratio. This measurement is taken from the waist at its smallest point and the hips at their largest point.

Jennifer Lopez poses in a bikini

Jennifer Lopez has the ‘golden’ waist-to-hip ratio
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The higher someone’s waist-to-hip ratio, the more fat they have around their middle, making their rear appear less curvy.

Two studies into the kinds of bums people find appealing have found that the optimum ‘golden’ ratio for a woman is 0.65. This means that the buttocks are around 35% bigger than the waist. Someone who sports this type of ratio is singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, who is known for her famous bum.

Meanwhile, for men, a gluteal trochanteric index (GTI) of 0.66 was most popular. This is measured by dividing the distance from the thinnest point of the waist to the bottom of the buttocks by the widest part. Hunky Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård reportedly has a behind with this type of ratio.

Kylie Minogue in a bum-flashing outfit

Kylie Minogue’s rear is also highly rated
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Alexander Skarsgard in a tuxedo

Alexander Skarsgård has a top-rated male bum
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To discover what makes tip top cheeks, researchers at Loma Linda University in California created eight digital images. They then quizzed 1,146 men and women on which one they preferred.

The top scoring tush had a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.65, where the waist is narrow and the hips flare out, but not in an extreme way. In second place was 0.60 (which can be compared to singer Kylie Minogue), followed by 0.675, 0.75, 0.7, 0.5, and 0.8.

The one deemed least attractive by the participants had a slightly unnatural-looking ratio of 0.55. This suggests society may be shifting away from aspiring have hourglass figures like stars such as Kim Kardashian (0.50) and Nicki Minaj (0.55). There reportedly were no significant differences between age groups, genders and ethnic groups in their choices.

Kim Kardashian poses with her back to the camera

Kim Kardashian’s bum is no longer as highly rated
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Bum shapes diagram

The formula is based on a particular ratio
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Talking about the research, the authors said: “New ideal waist-to-hip ratios of 0.6 and 0.65 update the previous standards and indicate a more dramatic and ‘curvier’ new ideal, signalling an important preference paradigm shift.”

The study into men’s rears, published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, was carried out by a team of surgeons from US. It questioned 2,095 men and women aged 25 to 34 on their preference, based on five photos of male bums.

In this study, the overall winner (GTI 0.66) was of a moderate size, and was also well-proportioned with a hint of muscle. Next was 0.64 (which could be compared to Magic Mike star Channing Tatum), then 0.68, 0.62, and 0.58. The preferred lateral thigh to buttock ratio was 1.18, while the top scoring oblique projection angle was 60 degrees.

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Lead author Ashit Patel said: “Our results demonstrate that there is a preferred male gluteal aesthetic. The findings suggest that a moderately enhanced, well-proportioned appearance is most desirable.

“Men and women favour a more projected male buttock with a more pronounced contour, but a narrow width with defined lateral depression.

“In our survey, raters thought the ideal male buttocks shouldn’t be flat, but also shouldn’t stick out too far. The buttocks shouldn’t be too wide, and should retain the characteristic dimple on the sides.”

Both teams say they hope to use their findings to guide future plastic surgery techniques.