This holiday season, Donna Kelce is reminiscing on the days before her sons, Jason and Travis Kelce, grew up to become NFL stars.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Donna shares that she’s planning to spend Christmas Day in Philadelphia to support Jason, 36, as the Eagles host the New York Giants.

Meanwhile, Travis, 34, and the Chiefs will take on the Las Vegas Raiders in Kansas City.

But Donna is used to spending her Christmas away from home. Before her sons made it to the NFL, Donna was still frequently away from home this time of year supporting her sons as they pursued their athletic dreams.

“Most times, the holidays were spent supporting the kids in various sporting events and enjoying the Christmas break with other families,” Donna tells PEOPLE.

But I remember the joy in their eyes as they woke up early on Christmas Day to come downstairs to screams, laughter and a flurry of ripped wrapping paper,” she recalls.

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Donna’s Christmas Day plans with Jason will include some quality time with her daughter-in-law, Kylie Kelce, and grandchildren, Elliotte, 2, Wyatt, 3, and Bennett, who was born in March.

“I will be in Philadelphia for Christmas, spending time with my grandkids as we cheer on their dad,” Donna says.