Actress Jennifer Aniston was voted the Most Beautiful Woman in the World by People Magazine in 2016.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

This is the second time she has received this honorable title since the first time in 2004. Not boldly pursuing different trends, not following trends but sticking to one style, what makes Jennifer Aniston Become a symbol of beauty and youth even at the age of 47?

A brilliantly successful career

Jennifer Aniston’s full name is Jennifer Joanna Aniston, born February 11, 1969 in Sherman Oaks, California and raised in New York City, USA. Before becoming famous, she worked as a waitress, a distance marketer, and a bicycle messenger. Aniston came to Hollywood and had her first television role in 1990 with a role in the short-lived series Molloy. Her acting career began to gain attention when participating in the movie Friends – a Sitcom broadcast on NBC in 1994-1995. With the role of Rachel, she really shined, her hairstyle became a new trend. According to the Guinness Book of World Records (2005), Aniston has become the highest paid TV actress of all time with a salary of 1 million USD per episode from the 10th year of Friends. This film brought Jennifer an Emmy Award (2002), the Palme d’Or (2003), and the American Writers Association Award (1996). After 20 years in the profession, Jennifer was voted by Forbes magazine as the 10th richest woman in the entertainment industry.

After her broken marriage with actor Brad Pitt, Jennifer is currently living happy and love-filled days with her husband Justin Theroux – they held a secret wedding in 2015. In addition, Jennifer is also a Actively do charity work. On April 14, 2007, she received GLAAD’s Vanguard Award for her contributions to increasing visibility and understanding of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

The secret to prolonging the youth of the most beautiful people in the world in 2016

Jennifer Aniston retains her beauty over time.

And the path to becoming the most beautiful woman in the world

To Jennifer Aniston: “Women must be able to do two things, one is to make a lot of money and two is to be very beautiful.” She shares the simple secret to living: “confidence, peace, kindness and honesty”. In addition, in order to have a physical beauty that has not changed after more than 2 decades, her daily routine is to take vitamins and exercise hard. Jennifer regularly takes vitamins 3 times a day, usually viviscal, basic omega and vitamin C. At the same time, she follows an exercise regimen 6 days/week, at least 1 hour/day. In particular, Jennifer goes to spin – yoga class 3 days/week, fitness class 3 days/week combined with cardio exercise at home. After exercising, she often uses the infrared sauna several times a week to increase skin elasticity, regenerate cells, detoxify the body and relax.

Jennifer said: “I don’t think diet is good, the main thing is you should supplement enough nutrients but at a level suitable for your condition.” Jennifer often starts the day with a cup of hot lemon water, coffee or protein, prioritizes salads for lunch and grilled chicken for dinner, and she often snacks on cheese and boiled eggs.

Regarding skin care principles, according to Jennifer, a simple way to clean the skin is to regularly exfoliate dead skin cells and limit the use of industrial beauty products, but instead use natural skin care products. . She believes that simplicity and nature are best for the skin.

Another secret to keeping an attractive figure with plump skin is “Drink more water than you think. I always try to sleep at least 8 hours a night and drink at least 2 liters of water a day!

“Apply Vaseline to your eyelids every night before going to bed and you will see great results when your eyelashes are always curled and long.”

As for acne, acne treatment products from an American cosmetic brand have been indispensable in Jennifer’s makeup table for many years. At the same time, she is also addicted to lip balm to keep her lips always plump and shiny.

Hair makes Jennifer Aniston’s beauty brand, but she said she doesn’t take care of her hair too much, usually washing her hair once every 2-3 days and always letting it dry naturally.

Jennifer said no to botox injections or any other chemicals to prolong her youth. She advises girls to learn to love themselves more: “I always love and take care of my body, I accept the body I have. Learn to love everything about you, not just your clothes but also the changes on your face. What’s more important is the beauty of your soul that helps you shine.”