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By the year 2021 and at the age of 26, Patrick Mahomes went on to clinch a Super Bowl trophy and an NFL MVP award. He was already raking in the Moolah with a massive contract that he inked with the Chiefs. So, a million-dollar watch collection is very much expected from the star QB. But what wasn’t expected at all when a watch expert piled on Mahomes for collecting such subpar pieces.

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Right at the time when the Chiefs were having yet another terrific season with a 10-4 record and a victory over the Chargers, a Dutch YouTuber and a watch critic, named Nico Leonard, reacted to Patrick Mahomes’ watch collection. However, Nico had no idea at that time who Mahomes was.

Even at the start of his video, he goes on to ask his cameraman and co-host, “Which movie does he play in?” Well, the way Mahomes has maintained his peak physique and fashion sense, can you even blame Nico?

Nico then goes on to review the first watch from Mahomes’ collection, which is a Rolex Daytona Rainbow with the reference number: 116595RBOW. He was quite impressed with this timepiece as it’s the rarest of the rare with a hefty price tag between $550k to $600k. Nico emphasized that this watch might occasionally be seen on celebrities, but it’s still an exceptionally rare piece.

The second watch on the list was a Rolex GMT-Master II with a reference number of 126710BLNR. Nico unhesitatingly said that it was his least favorite GMT on the planet, as the blue and black color combination of the watch is often labeled as ‘feminine’. He went on to explain the watch’s history by mentioning that it first came on the market in 1950 and was solely made for pilots. It had a few variations over the years until the one Mahomes was wearing was released in 2013 with a price tag of $20,000.

Nico Leonard Gets Frustrated With Patrick Mahomes’ Watch (Rolex) Collection

The Dutch YouTuber then was very agitated after seeing another Rolex on Mahomes’ wrist. He quipped, “Basically, we need to retitle this video — Watch expert reviews Rolex collection!”

Nevertheless, Nico was somewhat impressed, as the NFL star was sporting the same watch he had on his wrist. It was a Rolex Daytona (reference no – 116508), a solid yellow gold with a green dial. Nico then asserted that John Mayor might have driven the price of this particular piece higher, as in a video, the singer himself says how rare the watch is to get.

The watch soon got nicknamed after the singer, and at that time, the watch enthusiast predicted that it could soon be discontinued. And sure enough, as of 2023, the Rolex Daytona is no longer available in the current catalog. At the time of Nico’s video, this watch was worth $80k to $85k.

The next watch on the list is a Rolex Yachtmaster II with reference number 116680. Nico absolutely hated this watch and said,

“This watch looks like it has been hit by a truck, hit by a boat, dropped from an aeroplane into the water, then was dived up by a shark, eaten by a unicorn, then being sh** out by the unicorn then to be picked up by a bear.”

Pretty horrifying yet accurate demonstration in Nico’s eyes. This watch has a complicated 10-minute counter, which is despised by many. This timepiece has a price tag of $22000.

Then came another Rolex Yachtmaster, but the ‘EverRose’ model with a reference number: 126655. Mahomes’ version of the watch had a diamond-paved dial, which is a bit more expensive than the factory-set version. This watch is sold in the market for $45k.

The two-time MVP’s non-Rolex watch finally got featured in the video, which was an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra ( This timepiece is worth $18k to $19k, but Nico wouldn’t spend a ‘fu**ing penny’ on it.

Nico concluded the video by remarking that Mahomes’ watch collection wasn’t anywhere near mind-blowing. He found only the Rolex Daytona to be unique, while others were just generic. He then went on to not only rate the collection a 5 out of 10 but also describe it as “Overall a pretty sh*t watch collection” in the description.