Kim Kardashian has locked lips with another Hollywood star. The reality star is starring in season 12 of American Horror Story, where she plays the role of Emma Roberts’ publicist Siobhan Corbyn, and in the new American Horror Story: Delicate Part Two trailer, the A-listers lock lips.



The trailer opens up with Roberts and Kardashian at a dinner table. “What would you give up for him,” she asks Roberts’ character Victoria Alcott, who responds “Anything.” They then lean in for a steamy kiss. Kardashian also slaps Roberts across the face saying, “I will not let you say another word about quitting.”


Kardashian made her debut on the FX horror series during the first part of Season 12. “You’re a monster,” Roberts tells Kardashian in the clip, who responds, “Oh no, babe. I’m so much worse.” The trailer also stars Cara Delevingne, who recently lost her house in a house fire.


Kardashian’s move into TV and film has mixed reviews, but some hailed her performance in the first part of the season as the best in the show. She told Variety on the red carpet at the 2023 Met Gala, that she began taking acting lessons to prepare for the role. “It’s really fun to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new and grow. I’m so excited for the experience,” she said, calling it a “challenge.”

“Delicate” also stars Matt Czuchry, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, MJ Rodriguez, and Odessa A’zion and is based on the upcoming novel “Delicate Condition” by Danielle Valentine.

Kardashian has been building her acting resume since 2008 when she starred in Disaster Movie, and she went on to star in Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (2013) and was a voice actor in PAW Patrol: The Movie (2021).

The last time Kardashian kissed another actor on TV, they became a couple. The 43-year-old famously kissed Pete Davidson on Saturday Night Live, which kicked off their whirlwind relationship.