Kris Jenner’s sister Karen Houghton’s death happened ‘so quick’, her daughter Natalie reveals in heart-wrenching tribute

Kris Jenner has also paid tribute to her younger sister

KRIS Jenner’s niece Natalie Zettel has released a statement about her mother Karen Houghton who has died aged 65.

Karen died in San Marcos, California, after actively staying out of the spotlight as a part-time nurse and writer.

Kris Jenner's sister Karen Houghton died suddenly

Kris Jenner’s sister Karen Houghton died suddenlyCredit: Instagram/KrisJenner

Natalie and her mother Karen stayed out of the spotlight

Natalie and her mother Karen stayed out of the spotlightCredit: Instagram/nataliezettel
Natalie, who is the same age as her famous first cousin Kylie Jenner lost her mother at just 26 years old.

On Tuesday, Natalie made a post on Instagram with multiple throwback photos of her mother and a heartbreaking message for Karen.

The pictures show her mother from several decades ago, and she shows a striking resemblance to her sister Kris.

A few of the pictures Natalie shared also showed some pictures of their mother Mary Jo “MJ” Campbell.

Her Instagram message started: “Dear Mommy,

“I can’t believe you’re gone. This doesn’t even feel real. I keep hoping that I will get to hug you or kiss you or hear your voice one last time.”

She went on to call Karen her “best friend”, “my everything” and “the best mother a daughter could ever ask for”.

Natalie continued: “You were the most kind, sweet, loving, giving, and caring soul. You had the biggest heart.

“And I don’t know how to go on without you.”

She said: “It all happened so quickly & I wasn’t ready for you to go.

“An angel was sent to heaven on March 18th, 2024. I love you Mommy and you will forever be missed.”

Other photos included in the post included a snap of Natalie as a newborn on her mother’s chest in a silver frame with “Miracle of Life” engraved.

There was also an adorable photo of a much younger Karen standing with an older gentleman as she wore a white tennis skirt and a pink striped shirt.

She was also pictured several times with a white and black fluffy dog which appeared to never leave her arms.

Another adorable photo Natalie shared was of her and Karen in their Halloween costumes where Karen was dressed as a witch.

Gone too soon

The circumstances of Karen’s death are currently unknown, but officials believe she died of natural causes, according to TMZ.

Kris made a tribute post for her sister on Instagram, and she also shared several pictures of her and Karen.

She wrote: “It is with the heaviest heart and deepest sadness that I share that my sister Karen passed away yesterday unexpectedly.

“My heart aches for my mom MJ and my niece Natalie and I pray that God guides us all through this difficult time.

“Karen was beautiful inside and out.

“She was the sweetest, kindest, the most sensitive and vulnerable and so so funny.”

The Kardashian continued to say how grateful she was for her sister and Natalie.

Kris used the opportunity to remind everyone how “short and precious” life is.

Natalie is the same age as her first cousin Kylie Jenner

Natalie is the same age as her first cousin Kylie JennerCredit: Instagram

Natalie shared several throwback photos of her mother

Natalie shared several throwback photos of her motherCredit: Instagram/nataliezettel

Officials believe that Karen died of natural causes

Officials believe that Karen died of natural causesCredit: Rex