North West told Kendall Jenner mom Kim Kardashian was ‘talking s—t’ about Met Gala look

is famous for her fashion critiques, as she showed throughout the latest episode of “The Kardashians,” which dropped on Hulu yesterday — but it turns out she also can’t help but repeat her mom’s “Joan Rivers” comments.

Kardashian, 43, who turned to Schiaparelli’s creative director, Daniel Roseberry, for her 2023 Met Gala look, was in New York for the big event during the episode, bringing North along for the fashion fun.

Meanwhile, sisters Kylie Jenner, 26, and Kendall Jenner, 27, were also in attendance, but North had plenty to say when it came to her aunt Kendall’s sequined Marc Jacobs bodysuit.

In a confessional, the Jenner sisters sit on a couch as they chat about nieces North and Penelope Disick, 11, paying them a visit after the gala.

The 818 tequila founder reveals that the girls told her that her black bodysuit and tall boots topped their lists for “favorite” outfit of the night, with Kendall sharing that her big sis, Kim also was into the look.

North West
Kim Kardashian told her daughter not to repeat her fashion critiques during this week’s episode of “The Kardashians.”Hulu

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner wore a daring sequined bodysuit and boots by Marc Jacobs to the 2023 gala.Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
However, North — who already plans to take over her parents’ fashion brands — then jumped in and said that her mother “was lying,” adding, “She told me she did not like your look.”

While Kendall admitted she was “taken aback” by the confession, she said she was glad her look won her nieces’ approval.

The Skims founder wasn’t too pleased about her daughter’s comments in another scene, telling her, “By the way, North, you need to have some, like, loyalty. When mommy talks s—t about people, you cannot go tell them.”

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Kim Kardashian
Kardashian told her daughter she should be loyal to her mom.Hulu

Kim Kardashian
The reality star admitted her daughter is a tough critic.Hulu
“Why would you tell auntie Kendall I hated her outfit?” she continued, with North replying, “because you didn’t.”

The Skkn by Kim founder explains that there’s a difference between being honest and “having your momma’s back.”

Kardashian admitted her daughter — who has been schooling her mom on her outfits since she was a toddler — can be a tough cookie about fashion during the episode, calling her “the new Joan Rivers.”

“North won’t lie and that’s amazing, so I’m trying to teach her, like, you don’t just need to jump in and annihilate people for no reason,” the Skims founder told the camera.

Kylie and kendall Jenner
Kylie reacted with shock when Kendall revealed the comments North made.Hulu
North sits down with her mom and Roseberry at one point, with Kardashian asking her daughter for her “notes” on the Met Gala look.

“There’s way too much gaps in the pearls,” the wise grade-schooler said, with Roseberry agreeing that they “felt the same.”

“It looks like she’s a Hawaiian girl with her dress all ripped,” she continued, adding, “the pearls look fake.”

“No, no, no, I think you’re wrong here,” Kardashian jumped in. “These are very expensive real pearls.”

Kim Kardashian
Kim wore a pearl-covered dress to the Met Gala.Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue
“This is my worst nightmare like … come to life,” Roseberry said with a laugh.

Although she tried to be positive, North delivered a final burn, saying, “I like the pearls, I just don’t like that it looks like from the dollar store.”

And the critiques didn’t stop with her family members — North and Penelope graded all the A-list outfits while watching a livestream of the red carpet with Kim’s stylist and Penelope’s dad Scott Disick, with the eldest West child calling Jared Leto’s cat costume “cringe” and declaring that Kim’s ex Pete Davidson looked like he was going to the “gas station.”

At the end of the day, Kim told her fashionable daughter, “There’s a way to be honest and not hurt people’s feelings.”