Stephen A. Smith Continues To Make Bizarre, Thirsty Comments To His Female Co-Hosts On Live TV During ‘First Take’ (VIDEO)

Stephen A. Smith does not mind making things awkward on First Take, especially for his female co-hosts.

The ESPN personality had another female colleague bewildered as he took one conversation to a completely different place on ESPN’s “First Take.”

Molly Qerim labeled 'queen of shade on Stephen A Smith' after brutal joke on First Take | The US Sun

His latest came on Wednesday morning when he suddenly interrupted a football debate to talk to anybody reaching out to him for Martin’s number.

“To the fellas out there, you can’t have her. You’re bums,” Smith interjected, bringing the conversation to a halt. “You know you dogs. Stop texting me about trying to get with Kimberly Martin.

“It ain’t happening!”

Stephen A. Smith và kimberly martin trên Espn
Kimberly Martin could then be seen looking at the camera with astonishment.

Smith has been known for his blazing hot sports takes over the years but he is also known for his head-scratching takes about his female co-hosts as well. Luckily, he has yet to say anything that has gotten him sent to the HR department for sensitivity training. He is, however, towing a thin line and should likely stop before things get serious enough to where ESPN and Disney may have to make a tough decision.

In the meantime, Smith has been going viral as he has been giving his opinions on sex and how to lie to your partner. He should probably keep that stuff separate from what he does on ESPN.