Taylor shared that she once had an eating disorder and she was “not proud of it”.

Taylor Swift deleted a scene from the music video Anti-Hero after some health experts and activists called it “fatphobic”.

The segment captures Taylor stepping on a scale that displays the word “fat” instead of a numerical weight. As she looks down at the scale, Taylor Swift sings: “I look straight into the sun but never into the mirror,” the camera pans to another version of Taylor looking at herself and then shaking her head.

Taylor Swift xóa cảnh quay bị tố là kì thị người mập trong MV mới-1Taylor Swift xóa cảnh quay bị tố là kì thị người mập trong MV mới-2

Controversial scene in Anti-Hero

The 33-year-old female singer directly participated in writing lyrics and directing the MV Anti-Hero. In a tweet posted on October 21, Taylor said that Anti-Hero shows the nightmare stories and thoughts that invade her mind every midnight.

The Blank Space singer previously went through a difficult time with an eating disorder, and it seems this is the reason why Taylor included the scale scene in the music video. However, the scene was not appreciated by critics and medical experts.

“Taylor Swift’s music video where she looks down at a scale that says ‘fat’ is a **** *** way to show that she has body image issues. Fat people don’t need to be reminded yet again that for some people, looking like us is their worst nightmare,” tweeted Shira Rosenbluth, a social worker with expertise in treating eating disorders .

Rosenbluth added: “Having an eating disorder does not excuse fat phobia.”

Taylor Swift xóa cảnh quay bị tố là kì thị người mập trong MV mới-3

Anti-Hero talks about Taylor Swift’s fears and phobias




In the 2020 documentary – Taylor Swift: Miss Americana, Taylor Swift first revealed she has an eating disorder:

“It only happened a few times and I’m not proud of it. There was a photo of me and I felt like my belly was too big, or… someone said I looked pregnant… it made me stop being hungry and stop eating.”

Now that the controversial scene has been removed from the music video version on Apple Music, it is unclear whether Taylor will do the same with the Youtube version.