Will the Storm Bring Havoc or a Surprise Twist? Chad Green Reveals All  About Tomorrow's Epic MLF BFL Showdown on SML | The Bass Cast

Chad Green not in photo

Know the Weather Before You Go

The anticipation is palpable as we count down the hours before the first Major League Fishing (MLF) Bass Fishing League (BFL) competition of 2024 on Smith Mountain Lake commences. This is an event that has been eagerly awaited by the angling fraternity across the nation. Anglers have their bait and tackle ready, and their spirits high, gearing up to brave the challenges the lake ecosystem will throw at them. But the weather forecast ahead of the big event looks positioned to throw a curveball, and who better to discuss the possible implications than seasoned tournament angler, Chad Green?

With the weather moving in late tonight, rain all day Saturday, and wind currents from the North to Northeast, conditions might not be what many anglers were hoping for. According to local meteorologists, the air temperature is slated to be a bluff 54 degrees – a stark contrast to the warm week we’ve just experienced in central Virginia. The anglers will need to adjust their strategies to contend with the rather sudden and dramatic shift in weather patterns. The bite will be slow & you will have to be patient & quiet not to spook the clear lake SML Bass.

Water temperature at the lake is likely to be situated around the 50-degree mark, too, which means no significant variance between air and water temperatures. While it might not lead to a comfortable fishing experience, it does have some interesting implications for the fish.

Chad Green comments, “The fish are moving closer to the banks as a reaction to the warming air and water. Even though weather predictions might suggest otherwise, most fish still believe it’s spring.” The angler adds, “The constant movement makes it difficult to pin them down to a particular location. With the Bass moving so is the bait fish” This presents an exciting challenge to our competitors, who must keep up with the moving target.

However, Chad has expressed concerns over the potential commencement of the spawning season, which isn’t ideal for an angling event. If the fish start to spawn, anglers will need to exercise extreme care and respect towards the ecosystem, ensuring that their practices do not disrupt this natural process.

Further complicating matters is the prediction of a tough biting day on Smith Mountain Lake. Precipitation, wind, and cooler temperatures generally cool fish activities, potentially making the coveted ‘kicker fish’ all the more elusive for our competitors.

In the face of these adversities, anglers like Chad offer us a lesson in adaptability. They underscore that success in fishing, and indeed, in life, sometimes requires grit, resilience, and the ability to evolve with changing circumstances.

So, as the rain beats down on Smith Mountain Lake, we look forward to an exciting contest of will and skill. In the face of changeable elements, the kickoff of the 2024 MLF BFL promises to be an unforgettable competitive spectacle. Stay tuned for updates on this thrilling pageant of piscatorial prowess!