Bob Myers gets real on the potential LeBron James Stephen Curry duo.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry

Speaking on NBA countdown ahead of a Lakers vs Warriors showdown, former Warriors President Bob Myers revealed his interest in a LeBron James/Stephen Curry duo. According to Myers, the players compliment each other perfectly and would be a seamless fit on the court.

“I wish we could’ve seen [LeBron James and Steph Curry] play on the same team,” said Myers. “You know why? They are perfect complements to each other. Forget that they’re mega-stars and on the most popular teams in the NBA; Curry and LeBron complement each other on the basketball court. LeBron is a point forward, one of the best passers ever, and Curry is moving off the ball…”

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Stephen Curry and LeBron James are more often described as rivals than anything else and their extensive playoff history is no secret to any modern baseball fan. From 2015 to 2018, LeBron and Curry went to war in the NBA Finals, and Curry’s victories (3-1 over James in that stretch) forever altered their legacies.

All these years later, it seems that the two are still going at it, and they may never stop going at each other. Even so, the prospect of them playing together one day is not a new idea, and it’s something many fans, including former Warriors GM Bob Myers, have been hoping to see.

While the former executive did admit that we’d likely never get to see the pairing, it’s hard not to imagine what a LeBron and Steph duo might look like on the court. Between LeBron’s playmaking, finishing, and passing ability, he’d know just where to deliver the ball to Curry, whose shooting, floor spacing, and constant off-ball movement would allow James to play with unlimited freedom on the court.

By all accounts, it would be a seamless partnership, but it’s one that will likely never happen. Over the years, both superstars have had several chances to join forces and disrupt the NBA’s balance of power, but they’ve decided against it for various reasons. Instead, there has been a mutual admiration between the two, which has been tested through some of the most intense battles in NBA history. But they’ve spent more time doing battle than anything else. After four straight Finals appearances (3-1 in favor of Steph), it was several years before they met in the postseason again.

LeBron And Curry At The 2024 Olympic Games?

Stephen Curry may never be able to team up with No. 23 in the NBA; there’s a good chance it could happen this summer as part of the 2024 Olympic Games.

This year, after an embarrassing showing for Team USA in the FIBA World Cup, a flurry of top-level NBA stars verbally committed to joining the team and doing whatever it takes to bring the gold back to the US. LeBron and Curry were among them, and it seems they are set to lead the way this summer for a stacked Team USA squad.

During the games, we’ll get a good chance to see how a James/Curry partnership might actually work in a competitive setting—but it’s as close as we’ll ever get. With James and Curry at 39 and 36, respectively, the time for a team-up has already passed, and now there’s nothing left to do but imagine what such a complimentary pairing might accomplish together.