How will Bronny James pan out? That’s a question that many NBA enthusiasts want answered.

Bronny James, NBA draft

The son of NBA legend LeBron James is one of the most fascinating prospects in recent memory. Between the hype of being LeBron’s son and the expectations upon him, fans are wondering what he will do.

Well, Bronny James hasn’t declared for the 2024 NBA Draft yet. Some sites have him mocked well in their draft boards (late first-rounder at best). However, for one NBA executive, Bronny is much better off going back to college to improve his draft stock, per Jeremy Woo of ESPN.

“We would recommend Bronny go back to college,” an NBA team executive told Jeremy Woo of ESPN. “I’ll be honest, we didn’t have huge expectations for [Bronny] heading into the season. I know some mocks had him as a top-20 pick, but our group didn’t view him as a player of that caliber.

The same executive’s comments on Bronny James’ profile doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, either.

“I don’t know exactly what his (Bronny James) role is going to be, and I think it’s hard to project him in a halfcourt setting. He doesn’t have great separation off the bounce. He’s not a really good perimeter shooter, so it’s going to be tough to unlock some of the creation because I don’t think teams are going to get up on him defensively. They’ll probably allow him some space [until he proves it].”

Woof. The discourse leading up to Bronny James and the 2024 NBA draft will be fascinating to watch.