Shase Young looking upward(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
Chase Young got himself a one-year deal with the New Orleans Saints following his departure from San Francisco. But his contract comes with a major asterisk.

The former NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year joined the Saints as a free agent this week, putting pen to paper on a one-year deal to the tune of $13 million after helping the 49ers reach the Super Bowl last season.

According to Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports, close to $8 million of the aforementioned sum is based on per-game bonuses of $470,000. While the bonuses are guaranteed, Young needs to remain on the roster to get them, which means he would be forfeiting them if he got cut,

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There is some risk given his injury history. As a matter of fact, he is already set to undergo surgery on his injured neck, though he is expected to return to action before the start of the 2024 season.


The Saints were aware of his injury before handing him a contract.

Chase Young Has Seen His Career Slowed By Injuries

Chase Young could only manage 12 appearances in the two years that followed his rookie season. He was on the field more often in 2023, making seven appearances for the Washington Commanders before being traded to the 49ers in October. He played nine regular-season games for SF, adding three in the playoffs.

He’s now on his third NFL team since Halloween and will hope to bounce back from his latest surgery with a campaign that lives up to the expectations placed on him when he came into the league as the No. 2 overall pick.

The Saints, meanwhile, are playing it safe. They are committing to one year filled with incentive-based bonuses that will allow them to evaluate him for the future.

Should he regain that rookie form in New Orleans, he would be considered a bargain.