Jennifer Lawrence has been a hot topic of discussion after being recently seen in the spicy s-x comedy No Hard Feelings. The movie already raised several eyebrows due to the massive age difference between the leads. On top of that, the viral beach scene also garnered a lot of internet attention. However, it must be noted that the beach scene was not the movie’s real highlight.

It is the criminally underrated piano scene featuring Andrew Feldman and Lawrence in the movie’s most impactful and heartfelt moment.
Jennifer Lawrence in No Hard FeelingsJennifer Lawrence in No Hard Feelings
The particular scene in the discussion utilized Andrew Barth Feldman’s expertise in music perfectly. It creates a beautiful moment between him and Jennifer Lawrence’s character as the latter learns about his true feelings.

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The piano scene from Jennifer Lawrence’s No Hard Feelings steals the show

The piano scene from No Hard FeelingsThe piano scene from No Hard Feelings
No Hard Feelings featured Jennifer Lawrence as Maddie Barker, who is hired by a wealthy couple to date their socially awkward teenage son Percy to boost his self-esteem. While the theme and the age difference raised controversies initially, the movie received mixed reviews with praise for the performances of the leads.

In a particular scene from the movie, Lawrence’s and Feldman’s characters go to a restaurant and Percy sings a song for Maddie to express his feelings. The scene recently garnered attention on the internet after being praised as a standout moment from the Gene Stupnitsky directorial.


The scene saw Percy playing the song Maneater by Daryl Hall and John Oates to express his true feelings for Maddie. The 1982 Billboard hit speaks about a woman who goes around breaking a lot of men’s hearts. Even though the inner meaning is described as a song speaking about New York in the 1980s, the movie used the meaning on the surface.

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The song Maneater has a more important role in the movie

Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman in No Hard FeelingsJennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman in No Hard Feelings
This scene is not the first when the song by Hall and Oates was first mentioned in No Hard Feelings. It was mentioned in the Jennifer Lawrence movie earlier when Percy admitted how Maneater scared him in his childhood. Percy thought the song described a real monster which showed how he was more pure and sheltered from within.

However, the piano scene played out beautifully as we understand that Percy got over his fear and learned the song for her. The socially awkward guy got a beautiful moment to shine and got a perfect moment for him to express his love for Maddie. The scene proved to be the real highlight of the movie and was the turning point for the characters and the story of the movie.

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Many on the internet spoke about the beauty of the scene and even after much controversy, No Hard Feelings impressed a huge section of fans. Those who are willing to check out the Jennifer Lawrence movie can check it out on Netflix.