Tom Brady wearing a cap

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Tom Brady has been trying to acquire a minority stake in the Las Vegas Raiders for some time now, but the NFL owners are dragging their feet on the approval process.

The former NFL quarterback has been keeping busy with investments and is keen on becoming an owner in Las Vegas, having already bought into the WNBA’s Aces, which Raiders owner Mark Davis also owns. But he’s finding it a bit difficult.

While Davis is keen on selling to him, the league’s owners must vote on it. Prior reports claimed they were not in a hurry to do so as most of them were under the impression that the seven-time Super Bowl champion was getting the stake for a fraction of what it’s worth.

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Brady and hedge fund owner Tom Wagner are looking to buy 10 percent of the team, with Davis trying to sell it to them for a sum that falls far from the most recent valuation of $620 million.

NFL Owners Not Planning To Discuss Tom Brady And The Raiders At Their Upcoming Meeting

The Washington Post is now reporting that his potential ownership will not be discussed at the upcoming NFL owners’ meeting as they’re now said to have an issue with the fact that he’s nearing a television gig with FOX.

Brady is set to become the network’s lead football analyst and will take over from Greg Olsen in 2024. Given that he will be calling NFL games, the owners are of the view that there will be a conflict of interest when he has to work games involving the Raiders.

The owners are gearing up to discuss potential rule changes and safety measures at the next set of meetings, with a ruling on the infamous hip-drop tackle and a new kickoff model expected to be at the forefront.

It appears they aren’t ready for Brady to be involved in such meetings and there’s no guarantee that they’ll approve his purchase.