LeBron James and Stephen Curry put on a show for the fans as the Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Lakers tonight

The leading two superstars of the league, LeBron James and Stephen Curry, faced off again tonight. Therefore, fans expected the pair to play to their elite levels once again after they put on a show in the last game. And they were not disappointed as the duo did just that in the Golden State Warriors win against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Early on in the game, it was LeBron James who started a scoring streak to help his team to a lead at the end of the first quarter. Stephen Curry‘s teammates kept the Golden State Warriors in the hunt as he worked his way into a game rhythm as this was his first game back into the starting lineup after rolling his ankle recently. Once he settled into that rhythm, both him and James traded big shots after big shots to lead their respective teams.

The longtime friends and Akron natives dominated the game to provide another spectacle for the fans. James ended up with 40 points, 8 rebounds, and 9 assists to lead his Los Angeles Lakers. He took on the offensive load as superstar teammate Anthony Davis did not play the last three quarters after suffering an eye contusion.

Curry, on the other hand, led his team with 31 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists to win the game 128-121. This was an important game for both teams in their pursuit of playoff standings. Thus, the two sure-shot future Hall of Famers gave their all to put on a show for the fans.
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Fans loved the LeBron James and Stephen Curry matchup tonight

There are several player matchups that bring the basketball world to a standstill. But leading them all is the matchup between LeBron James and Stephen Curry. The two have played against each other in a staggering 51 games so far. Even though both are nearing retirement, neither showed any signs of slowing down with their unreal performances tonight.

Fans who kept this game aside as a must-watch, were treated to another spectacle. And they were appreciative of the duo despite the odds endured by both teams. Check out some of the reactions fans gave to the two greats on social media;

There is one more game left in the regular season to be played between the two superstars. Fans can surely bet that James and Curry will continue to put on a show just as they did today.