FORMER NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown has infuriated fans with AI generated photos.

Brown posted a cartoon of himself in a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey kissing Taylor Swift in a cheerleader outfit.

Antonio Brown posted a crude cartoon of him and Taylor Swift

Antonio Brown posted a crude cartoon of him and Taylor SwiftCredit: Getty

Brown posted a fake image of him kissing Taylor Swift

Brown posted a fake image of him kissing Taylor SwiftCredit: Twitter/AB84
The image, which appeared to be AI generated, seemed to be an attempt at frustrating Taylor Swift fans who have dominated the NFL season.

“Move over Jizelle, what these Swifties talkin bout? #CTESPN,” he captioned the post.

Fans quickly commented on his post that he was likely going to get destroyed by Swifties for the crude post.

“That lawsuit will hit harder than Burfict,” one fan said.

“It’s over for you buddy. Good luck,” another fan said.

“AB just loves to spout the wildest s***… And now he has summoned the Swifties,” a third fan said.

“Alright this is too far…” a fourth fan said.

It will be interesting to see how Travis Kelce responds to the vulgar post, as he previously stated he enjoys watching Brown on social media.

Brown referred to Kelce as one of the “dopest crackers” he knows on Twitter, to which Kelce graciously responded.

“I appreciate you AB, man. Feels good to be one of the dopest crackers,” Travis replied.

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“I love that s***. He’s one of my favorite follows on twitter, you’ve got to follow him.”

Brown is no stranger to this kind of activity. Previously, Brown attacked Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen during their divorce with similar images.

The former Steeler posted photoshopped pictures that suggested he was in an intimate relationship with Bundchen during the divorce.

Brown has continuously blamed Brady for the end of his career and seemed to take out that anger on him during his divorce.

In recent months, Brown has been on a continuous tirade on social media, posting about CTE and claiming the neurodegenerative disease isn’t real.

There has been growing concern about his mental status during his time away from football.

Swift hasn't responded to the crude post yet

Swift hasn’t responded to the crude post yet