Cardi B Says She DOESN’T WANT A Rihanna Collab For This Reason

Cardi B has said that she’d love to do a collaboration with Rihanna, but there’s something very important holding her back from asking the “Diamonds” singer from doing so.


In an interview with Million Dollaz Worth of Game, which dropped on Saturday (March 16), the “Bodak Yellow” rapper revealed that she doesn’t think her voice is as strong as the Fenty creator’s.

“I love Rihanna’s music. But, I don’t [make] music like that,” she said at the 48:15 mark. “I sound kinda stupid trying to sing like that. I sound stupid trying to make music like that. So, if I ever get that perfect record, I can not wait until I feel like, ‘This song…I know she’s going to like it.’ I don’t want to send her nothing like, ‘Ho, what the fuck is this shit? Take this thing out of my face.’”

Elsewhere in the same interview, she dove full-on into the ongoing debate on whether couples should split bills 50/50.

“This is really controversial,” she stated, in a clip seemingly taped between takes. Then she cited an example of a couple earning equal incomes, but where the man covers all expenses.

“How y’all ever gonna save up to buy a house or buy a business if you make the same money but he pays all the bills?” she inquired. “‘Cause he’s never gonna be able to afford to. Certain things it’s a joint thing to do.”

The “Bodak Yellow” icon continued, expressing her belief that online discussions about relationships and finances have distorted perceptions of reality for folks online. “The internet really messes with people’s heads when it comes to real-life stuff,” she added.

Viewers flooded the comment section with overwhelming support, wholeheartedly endorsing Cardi B’s sentiments.

“Ppl delulu out here. We have to work together! When that went out of style ?,” questioned one user. “Now, for all you broke women saying only broke men think like this, a rich woman just gave y’all game and you will still disregard what’s being said,” a second user added.

“She ain’t told 1 lie, ppl don’t live in reality that’s the problem,” another commented.

However, Cardi B also faced some resistance, notably from one user who argued that being taken care of enables individuals to fully embrace their femininity.

“Black people are the only ones I ever see have this conversation [tear emoji] why is it looked down upon for a woman of color to live in her full feminine energy if a man is willing to provide [woozy face emoji] make it make sense.”