Floyd Mayweather GETS CHECKED by 50 Cent & Katt Williams (He’s Done..)



Floyd Mayweather, the retired professional boxing champion known for his invincibility in the ring, has recently hit a wall outside of it. The heavyweight of controversy this time are hip hop magnate, 50 Cent, and comedic genius, Katt Williams, who have, for reasons we’re about to delve into, made Mayweather their latest target.

Mayweather, a renown figure in professional boxing, has had his fair share of criticism and controversies overshadowing his illustrious career. Despite his impressive athleticism and success, Mayweather has found himself navigating choppy waters again – ironically not because of his boxing antics, but due to altercations with these two entertainment industry powerhouses.



“Hey champ,” 50 Cent started one of these interactions, “Your pride getting in the way of your sense?” This was quickly followed by a biting remark from Williams, the legendary comedian, who quipped, “Fight the battle in the ring, not in the streets.” These sharp words have thrown Mayweather into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

While such public duels might not be new to Mayweather, who carries an impressive track record of dusting controversies off his shoulder, the fierceness of these bouts certainly feels new.


His interactions with 50 Cent and Williams, who hold court over massive global audiences, has everyone watching and speculating the impact it could have on Mayweather’s shining reputation. 

Does this mean a new chapter of challenges for Mayweather? Or is it just another speed bump on his highway to sporting glory? While the questions seem endless, one thing’s for sure – Floyd Mayweather is once again in the heat of battle – outside the ring this time.