Kevin Hart Gets CHECKED LIVE By Mo’Nique & Katt Williams



It was a tense scenario during a recent live interview as comedians Mo’Nique and Katt Williams threw some hardball questions at fellow comedian Kevin Hart. The duo pinned Hart into a corner, confronting him over his past controversial comments and actions, taking him to task for not utilizing his influential platform to uplift black women and to counter societal injustices.

“Kevin, aren’t you forgetting the importance of your voice in this society?” Mo’Nique queried, a stern look punctuating her words. Williams chimed in, his tone laced with disappointment, “It’s time to rethink your approach to comedy, Kevin.


You’ve got the power to make a real impact.” 

The conversation grew heated as the subject of Hart’s authenticity and integrity was brought up. Both comedians questioned whether his fame had overshadowed his ability to be humble and original. They chided him for not harnessing his influence to enact positive change.

Under the weight of these valid questions, Hart faltered initially — attempting some defense, but soon, a realization dawned, perhaps the criticism had some truth to it. “I hear you both,” he admitted.


“Yes, there’s more I could be doing for the marginalized voices…and I will strive to do better.” 

This candid interview underscored the crucial responsibility that celebrities have – to employ their platforms with an awareness of societal issues, particularly for comedians whose craft holds a mirror to society’s idiosyncrasies and injustices.