Taylor Swift’s fans have fallen more in love with her beau, Travis Kelce, after some of his old tweets resurfaced online.

As the couple’s romance continues to heat up, the Swifties did some deep diving into what the NFL star was like on social media before he wooed the pop star.

On Tuesday, a delightful revelation unfolded as a devoted Swift fan account unearthed a thread showcasing some of Travis Kelce’s most endearing tweets. Among the charming snippets were misspelled words, tales of feeding squirrels, and unabashed declarations of his love for Chipotle.

In a tweet from April 2011, when he was a 22-year-old, Kelce shared a moment of surprise and amusement: “I just gave a squirle [sic] a piece [sic] of bread and it straight smashed all of it!!!! I had no idea they ate bread like that!! Haha #crazy.”

Another tweet from the same year revealed Kelce’s musings on a beautiful day while seated in a math class: “Its such a nice day out….. as I stair [sic] from my math class… smh #mustbenice.”

Transporting readers back to 2010, the Kansas City Chiefs star wrapped up the collection with a cozy scene: “Watchin an old school bruce lee movie with some chipolte [sic] in my lap!! Feelin nice n relaxed before I go study for this exam.” These glimpses into Kelce’s past tweets added a touch of nostalgia and relatability to his already beloved persona.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift holding hands.
Travis Kelce’s wholesome tweets resurfaced amid his romance with Taylor Swift.GC Images

Travis Kelce talking at a presser.
On Tuesday, a Swiftie fan account tweeted a thread of some of the NFL star’s most wholesome tweets, which included misspelled words, messages about feeding squirrels, being in class and his love for Chipotle.dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images

Travis Kelce's tweet.
“I just gave a squirle [sic] a piece [sic] of bread and it straight smashed all of it!!!! I had no idea they ate bread like that!! Haha #crazy,” he tweeted in 2011.Instagram/@tkelce

Travis Kelce talking on his podcast.
The Grammy winner’s fans loved how Kelce’s tweets were so unproblematic.New Heights Podcast/YouTube
The Swifties gushed over how wholesome Kelce’s social media presence seemed to be — outside the hilarious spelling errors.

“I love that this is the problematic thing people have been able to find, though,” wrote one fan.

“This is such a funny wholesome thread lol he’s doing his best and I love it,” added another.

Taylor Swift at Travis Kelce's football game with his mom, Donna Kelce.
The power couple went public with their romance in September.Getty Images
“him and little miss english teacher truly are the best match ,” tweeted a third user.

Kelce’s tweeting days have dwindled since he was drafted by the Chiefs in the 2013 NFL draft and are even less now that he is dating Swift.

The “Bad Blood” singer, 33, and the two-time Super Bowl Champ, 34, went public with their romance in September when she attended one of his football games.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift holding hands.
The two-time Super Bowl champ and the “Bad Blood” singer have been on several outings together.GC Images

Travis Kelce at Taylor Swift's concert.
Kelce even attended his girlfriend’s Eras Tour show in Argentina over the weekend with her dad.
Since then, the couple has been on several public outings, including some date nights in New York City last month.

The world finally got to see the power couple share a kiss after Swift ran to her boyfriend, who was waiting for her backstage at the Argentina stop of the Eras Tour.

During the sold-out show Saturday, the Grammy winner changed her “Karma” lyrics to honor “the guy on the Chiefs” instead of “the guy on the screen.”