“Forget it, Southeast Asia, and accept that Singapore is a great choice for Taylor Swift” was the headline on a Singapore newspaper.

Sân bay Changi tổ chức sự kiện âm nhạc cho các Swifties để chào mừng Taylor Swift đến Singapore - Ảnh: Singapore Tourism Board

When Singapore signed an exclusive contract to organize Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Southeast Asia, there were mixed opinions from other strong tourism countries in the region.

According to Business Insider, congressman Joey Salceda of Albay province (Philippines) said “that is not something good neighbors should do”.

Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin said a source close to the global Eras Tour organizer told him that the Singapore Government has offered to support 2-3 million USD per show night to have exclusive rights to Taylor Swift’s tour. in Southeast Asia.

Taylor Swift, regret and great motivation
Of course, other strong tourism countries in Southeast Asia are unlikely to be happy with this situation. They missed out on the historic tour of the world’s top female singer today, something that is very difficult to repeat in the future.

Taylor Swift chọn Singapore một phần vì đây là nơi mẹ cô từng sống khi còn nhỏ, nơi này có những kỷ niệm tuổi thơ của bà - Ảnh: Getty Images

The biggest regret is probably Thailand, a country that has long been the destination of many great international artists.

Thailand and Taylor Swift are still not in love when the All Too Well singer was invited to perform here in 2014 but had to cancel due to political instability.
According to experts, Taylor Swift’s six exclusive concerts are expected to bring in $500 million to the Singapore economy and clearly the incident caused a stir throughout the region.

But at the same time, besides the resentment, other countries from Indonesia to Thailand also woke up and were strongly motivated to invite more world-class artists to their countries, to promote tourism. and economics.
As for Singapore, this country is at a golden time to promote the country’s image. Writing on Yahoo News Singapore, author Neil Humphreys proudly titled:

“Forget it, Southeast Asia, and accept that Singapore is a great choice for Taylor Swift.”

This country is proud of its favorable geographical location, political stability, and the effectiveness of international collaborations (they welcomed from Taylor Swift to Liverpool football club).

“We’re a little more expensive than our major competitors, but we’re open all the time – to everyone – and you’ll never get robbed here,” Humphreys wrote.

More than 300,000 Eras Tour Singapore tickets have been sold. Taylor Swift related pop-up stores were set up at the Sands Exhibition and Convention Center.

Changi Airport invites Swifties to sing along in Shiseido Forest Valley. Marina Bay Sands sells luxury vacation packages for Swifties ranging in price from $10,000 to $50,000.

Singapore is doing everything to make Taylor Swift’s presence here worth every minute