Kanye West’s Rep Refutes Claim That He Was Removed From The Super Bowl By Taylor Swift

Kanye West has slammed rumours that Taylor Swift had him removed from the Super Bowl on Monday, continuing the lore of the deeply rooted beef that they have held towards each other for 14 years.

The rumour first began when a former NFL player named Brandon Marshall claimed on his podcast Paper Route that Kanye had deliberately bought a ticket in front of Taylor’s booth at the Las Vegas Allegiant Stadium to get attention from the many cameras poised on Taylor as she supported her hunky boyfriend Travis Kelce.

On the pod, Brandon said that Kanye was walking around in a black mask with a white crucifix, and Taylor got “pissed off” when she saw him and his wife Bianca Censori. “Taylor Swift gets pissed off. She boom boom makes a call or two. Everybody’s involved. He gets kicked out of the stadium,” Brandon claimed.

Taylor Swift 'made calls to get Kanye West removed from Super Bowl section  after rapper bought seats in front of her' | The US Sun

“He was trying to leverage her celebrity.” While the claim was spicy and attracted a lot of headlines, on Thursday, the rapper’s rep claimed that this rumour was entirely fake.

Taylor Swift 'got Kanye West kicked OUT of the stadium at the Super Bowl  after he bought tickets directly in front of her VIP suite to steal the  limelight', ex-NFL player incredibly

“This is a completely fabricated rumour. It is not true,” his rep told Forbes. While Kanye did attend the Super Bowl with Bianca — and at one point was spotted alongside a stadium worker — we don’t know for sure whether Kanye was actually booted from the stadium.

Kanye West's Rep Denies Taylor Swift Had Him Removed From The Super Bowl

So, perhaps these two aren’t actively pursuing their beef anymore? Personally, I feel like it’s more likely we’re all just reading into it a little bit too much.

Taylor Swift May Have Had Kanye West Removed From The Super Bowl, Says  Former NFL Player