COMEDIAN Katt Williams got fans talking with his recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

From “Hollywood propaganda” to self-driving cars, here is what the actor and stand-up star said on the show.

The comedian recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience

The comedian recently appeared on the Joe Rogan ExperienceCredit: Joe Rogan Experience

Who is Katt Williams?

Born on September 2, 1971, Micah “Katt” Williams is an American stand-up comedian and actor who has played several roles in Hollywood movies.

He is best known for essaying the role of Bobby Shaw in My Wife and Kids and Money Mike in Friday After Next.

The comedian also worked as a voice artist in The Boondocks and voiced himself in Grand Theft Auto IV.

When did Katt Williams go on Joe Rogan’s podcast?

Katt Williams appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience this week. The episode featuring him was released just 16 hours ago on Joe Rogan’s YouTube channel.

Katt was on the show to promote his upcoming comedy special that will stream live on Netflix.

The live show will take place at the YouTube Theater in Inglewood, California as part of Netflix Is A Joke Fest on May 4.

What did Katt Williams say on Joe Rogan’s podcast?

Katt Williams and Joe Rogan spoke on a variety of subjects including vapes and Hollywood propaganda.

While discussing the government’s step to ban vapes in California, Katt spoke about the ban on menthol cigarettes, which is said to be a flavour often chosen by African American buyers.

“That was fine, but they let it also hurt Black people in that it counted menthol as a flavour,” Katt added.

This prompted Rogan to ask: “Why do Black people like menthol cigarettes so much? What’s that about?”

“You’re gonna get me cancelled. This is very racist, this conversation,” Katt quipped.

“A Black person getting ready to answer this—it’s terrible on all ends.

“Before things were called concentrate, that’s what we appreciated, [what] was concentrated.”

“There’s this whole thing with liquor and malt liquor and the difference between the two.

“One is richer and stronger and as a people, we tend to go with those products.”

He added that people from the South know about mint plants which is why it is more famous.

“And the fact that menthol is a natural thing, so anybody who’s from the South knows about mint plants, so you appreciate that as a flavour profile as well.”

Williams also delved into Hollywood’s alleged “hidden agenda” – and said the industry serves as a “propaganda arm for the government”.

“Hollywood is not really there to entertain you.

“It is great if that happens, but propaganda is important to all civilisation”

The comedian gave his thoughts on the move toward driverless cars and agreed that automated cars “will be mandatory”.

“But for practical reasons…like this thing where the police want you and they have to chase you and you may get away.

“Those days are done.

“Your car is going to do what they tell it to do, which is get behind this patrol car and follow us to the station.”

The podcast episode gained mixed reactions from listeners, who took to Twitter to give their verdict.

“This is why I love this podcast…every time I see an episode I learn some new theories and unique knowledge,” said one fan.

Another listener didn’t feel as positive about the interview, writing: “Just two people sitting together like they know the realities of the world to the point of idiocracy… what a joke.”

A third said: “The long, long, pause before he answered why black people smoke menthols had me dying.”