A civilian Big Brother contestant has shockingly shared a wish to “punch” Celebrity star Fern Britton in a shocking confession.

Scottish dancer Olivia Young was a contestant on ITV’s revived version of Big Brother last year – and made it all the way to the live final where she landed in second place. But now the 26-year-old has admitted she may have turned violent if she was in the Celebrity Big Brother house due to her disapproval over 66-year-old contestant Fern.

Viewers have watched the former This Morning star become less confident over the past three weeks as she was one of twelve stars taking part in the reality show. Fans have watched Fern clash with fellow contestant Nikita Kuzmin – who some have accused of showing signs of ageism against Fern – and the legendary presenter has broken down in tears almost daily during her time in the house.

But during a radio show interview, Olivia has shown a lack of compassion for Fern and has claimed she wants to hit the star. The reality star says she wants to see Fern enjoying herself in the house rather than breaking down in tears.

Ferb Britton wearing a green top and with glasses on her head in the Celebrity Big Brother house
Fern has struggled while in the Celebrity Big Brother house 

Speaking to TOWIE’s Bobby Norris, 37, and presenter Ellen Coughlan on FUBAR Radio on Wednesday, Olivia said: “If Fern Britton cries one more time I will actually break in tomorrow night when I’m in the studio and punch her. Come on, enjoy it while it lasts. Stop being so sensitive.”

Fern has had a rough time the house as her physical health has been battered almost as much as her mental health has. The star has admitted in the diary room that she has struggled at times in the house because she has been put up for eviction almost every time.

But in scenes that aired on Wednesday, she was shown being thrown against a sofa and bashing her head when a task turned physical. She, along with other housemates, had to burst a number of balloons while defending other balloons. Nikita, 26, knocked into Fern, sending her head-first into a stationary object. The star was then asked to go to the diary room where she was given medical aid and offered time to rest and recover away from the rest of the house.


Meanwhile, in a recent appearance on Celebrity Big Brother companion show Late and Live, Fern’s daughter Winnie shared her hope her mum will make it to the final and possibly win the show. But she warned that she should steer clear of getting too close to 71-year-old Louis Walsh.

Winnie said: “I think my mum should avoid Louis just because it seems that he’s always very nice to people’s faces and ends up saying things behind their backs.” Winnie, who Fern shares with ex Phil Vickery, pointed out the pattern she noticed. “I don’t want my mum to be hurt by it.”

Louis is the bookies favourite to win the show, however – along with 30-year-old Ibiza Weekender star David Potts. Coral’s John Hill said: “We think it is a two-horse race in the Celebrity Big Brother final between Louis and David. Both men have entertained in the house and we just make Louis the favourite in our betting to be crowned the winner.” Coral is offering odds for the finalists of: 4-6 Louis Walsh, 6-4 David Potts, 7-1 Nikita Kuzmin, 20-1 Fern Britton, 33-1 Colson Smith, 40-1 Bradley Riches.