COLSON Smith launched a secret plan to ensure he would be back on Coronation Street if his Celebrity Big Brother appearance went disastrously wrong.

The actor – who plays Craig Tinker in the ITV soap – has been a hit with viewers since entering the house on launch night two weeks ago.

Colson had a secret plan to ensure he would return to Corrie

Colson had a secret plan to ensure he would return to CorrieCredit: Rex

The actor plays PC Craig Tinker in Corrie

The actor plays PC Craig Tinker in CorrieCredit: ITV
However he was so worried about things potentially going wrong that he hatched a plan to at least ensure he could get back onto the Corrie set in Manchester.

He told The Sun: “I did joke when I left Corrie, I was like, ‘I’m leaving my car here, it’d be really awkward if I’m not allowed to come back and collect it!’

“But no, I kind of trust myself as a person and back myself that I’m not gonna get into those situations.

“I feel like as well, the aspects of Big Brother and being in the house is very similar to the green room at work.”

He added: “But yeah, I do hope I have a job to go back to because I really like it! I did make a group chat with my mum, Alison from the press office at Corrie and my agent and I called it Operation Canada Sunset because Canada was my code name for Big Brother.

“I was like, ‘here’s a list of numbers that you might need’. Alison sent me a text saying good luck, I replied saying, ‘hope this isn’t the damage limitation chat in three days time!’”

Colson also revealed Corrie bosses worked it so he would only be gone for four episodes and have ensured he can return.

He said: “The story team were like, ‘we’ll make this work for Colson because we want him to have the experience’.

“So it was nice to know that everyone on Corrie was backing me and on my side.”

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“There’s three weeks of no Craig, which means the crime rate in Weatherfield is probably gonna be through the roof!” he joked.

“It’d be a great time to commit an offence on the cobbles!”


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He added: “I am probably one of the main people for kind of standing up and protecting soap, protecting the show and realising how lucky and fortunate we are to have it.

“I never want to leave the show. I’m very fortunate and super lucky to know that I’m going back to Corrie on Monday and I already can’t wait to go back.”