Baba Jagne is the mastermind behind revamping Louis Vuitton designs for female rapper Cardi B, making her stand out on red carpet events.


Many global newspapers share articles about the portrait of the secret tailor behind the international celebrity lineup on the red carpet. Alongside creatively designed pieces from brands, any Hollywood beauty requires someone behind the scenes to adjust outfits or refresh outdated items. Because when a garment doesn’t fit properly, it can become a public disaster.

Fashion enthusiasts call these tailors “unsung heroes” who contribute to the success of global stars. They are seen as experts in reshaping garment structures, making them suitable for clients’ body types, but their talent is rarely acknowledged by the fashion world. One tailor with over 12 years of experience in the field—Baba Jagne—has collaborated with artists such as Cardi B, Normani, Naomi Campbell, Saweetie, and shared the challenges of standing behind the glamorous appearance of stars.

Struggling to find his place in the fashion industry, Jagne is the man behind the glamorous image of international stars that the public has seen on red carpets or fashion magazine covers like the photoshoot for Rolling Stone with singers SZA, Megan Thee Stallion, or rapper Cardi B. Born and raised in Gambia, West Africa, he learned the art of tailoring from family members.

“My parents were tailors, they taught me a lot about cutting, sewing, and creating complete fashion products,” Jagne shared. After years of learning and inheriting the craft from his parents, he began making school uniforms for himself and friends on his first days of school. However, the turning point for Jagne to get closer to high fashion came when he worked at his aunt’s tailoring shop at a 5-star hotel.

“People often came to my aunt’s shop with expensive designs. I vividly remember a lady bringing a tight Versace silk dress, but somehow my aunt could make it fit her perfectly. From that moment, I found this job really fascinating,” the male tailor shared.

When Jagne moved to Los Angeles about 18 years ago, he envisioned a bright future for himself. He aimed to become a professional tailor or a renowned designer to earn enough money for a living.

“When you come from Africa, knowing nothing about the fashion industry or how to approach customers, you’re bound to fail. Fashion is a very cutthroat industry, and if you want to make real money, you have to be well-known and have close relationships with celebrities,” he recalled the early days of struggling with this career.