FERN Britton’s daughter has issued her mum a strict warning following her clash with Louis Walsh in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Winnie Vickery, 22, told the Late & Live audience she didn’t want her mum associating with Louis because of his two-faced behaviour and brazen criticism of others.

Louis Walsh revealed he wants Fern Britton out of the house

Louis Walsh revealed he wants Fern Britton out of the house

Fern tried to eliminate Louis in a snakey challenge

Fern tried to eliminate Louis in a snakey challenge

Winnie Vickery isn't a big fan of Louis

Winnie Vickery isn’t a big fan of LouisCredit: ITV
She said: “I think my mum should avoid Louis just because it seems that he’s always very nice to people’s faces and ends up saying things behind their back. I don’t want my mum to be hurt by it.”

The warning arrived after Louis launched into a rant against Fern who tried to evict him during a secret task that ultimately backfired.

Earlier this week, the former This Morning presenter, 66, had to put a snake on the housemate’s bed that she wanted to leave.

However, she had no idea that her actions actually meant that whoever she chose would be given immunity and a pass straight to the final.

She chose Louis, with the reprieve giving him a great chance of winning.

Last night Louis didn’t hold back when chatting about Fern to Big Brother.

He said: “If I’m honest, I think Fern should go.

“I think her time is up here and, besides, don’t forget she tried to get rid of me with that snake thing.

“That was a bit snakey, more than a bit snakey.”

He added: “She’s a nice lady, a bit boring, time to go for her.

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“We can’t have everybody in the final.”

He then made it clear who he wanted to stay instead.

Louis continued: “Marisha will be much better, she’s more entertaining, she’s more genuine”

“If Marisha goes we are missing something, we are missing something special, we are missing the energy, the singing, the fun, the cooking, the whole thing.

“She’s so American. She’s always interesting, she always has an interesting story.”

Not holding back, speaking about Fern he said: “Nobody will miss her now, nobody, nobody at all.”

Ultimately it was Marisha and Zeze Millz who were eliminated meaning Fern lives to fight another day.