Tom Brady Drops Clip Showing How Much He’s Enjoying Retirement (VIDEO)

Tom Brady may have finally discovered what it really means to have no football obligations.

The former NFL quarterback announced his retirement from the sport earlier this year and rumors of a possible return to the league have been swirling since. The 45-year-old was hardly convincing when he insisted he had enough on his hands with two kittens to consider coming back.

But his latest reveal should do a lot better as he really appears to be enjoying retirement this time around.
Tom Brady Retiring Again – Outside the Beltway
Brady, who is set for a new career as an analyst for FOX Sports, opted to take a full year off and is expected to transition to television in 2024. It’s going to be hard to argue this wasn’t the best decision he could have made given the video below.

The seven-time Super Bowl winner took to Twitter on Wednesday to post a short compilation of some of the fun activities he’s been engaged in since walking away from the grind that comes with being the best quarterback the game has ever seen.

The clip, set to Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams’ “Beautiful,” shows the former star living his best life as he plays golf, beach football, and parties along with some of his closest friends.

The ex-QB is also reported to be on the market in the wake of his divorce; this year could continue to be a very good one for Tom Brady.