I’m a person who likes strange clothes, but there are times when Lady Gaga makes people’s eyes burn when she wears it. .ikini shows off her hot hot figure.

Lady Gaga shows off her hot body in her tiny orange ikini while swimming at 22 million USD mansion (more than 500 billion VND) in Malibu.

The 35-year-old female singer wore trendy eyeglasses and stepped out seductively from the swimming pool with a cut two-piece bikini bold slit.

In the b.ikini set, it is not difficult to recognize a whole collection of tattoos on Gaga’s body. Although she has been criticized many times by public opinion for her fat belly, sagging skin or strange way of dressing, she does not hesitate and always shows pride in her figure.

Star star sings music turns the corner of the swimming pool into catwalk while striding up the stairs towards the camera.

It is known that singer Lady Gaga and music legend Tony Bennett will perform together for the last time at Radio City Music Hall in New York (USA) on the next two nights, August 3 and 5. These will be the final performances of the legendary Tony Bennett’s career. Lady Gaga shared the concert information on Instagram, writing: “I am honored and excited to celebrate Tony’s 95th birthday at these special performances.”