Jada Pinkett Smith has 2 solely words for the man asserting Will Smith had s$*x with Duane Martin … pointing to a potential leg@l altercation.

We got Jada leaving iHeartRadio Wednesday morning in NYC, and questioned about her opinions surrounding the assertions Will was caught having $**x with another man — her response? “We Suin’!”

It doesn’t seem Jada’s joking … and a intimate source stated to the situation told us Will is actually weighing his legal options, so there could be some truth to Jada’s response.


As he reportedly said, Brother Bilaal — a man claiming to be Will’s ex assistant/friend — says he walked in on Will bent over a couch in Duane’s dressing room in the past, having @n*L xx … including, “Duane was standing up k!ll!ng him, murder!ng him. It was m!u!rde!!r in there.”

A rep for Will told us the entire thing was BS … saying, “This story is completely fabricated and the claim is unequivocally false.”