This horror stage is quite unknown, unless you are a “hardcore fan” of Lady Gaga, but few people know about it but it’s great!

If you have become accustomed to the luxurious and elegant Lady Gaga in recent years, you must have forgotten that: she was once called the most “weird” artist world right from the debut years.

From her “super cosmic” style fashion to her incredible performances, it all makes Lady Gaga one of the “5” Main Pop Girls” of the 2010s and is the only new generation artist approaching the title “legend”.

In 2014, while promoting the album ARTPOP, Lady Gaga appeared at the music festival music SXSW Festival and had a memorable stage. This night also marked one of the scariest performances of Lady Gaga’s entire career with a level of monstrosity beyond… normal understanding.

Specifically, when Lady Gaga performed the song Swine, a composition about being sexually assaulted, she brought an idea that no one dared to think of:

She asked a contemporary artist from London – Millie Brown – to accompany her.  In the extremely harsh electronic music of the song Swine, Millie Brown drank a glowing green liquid and then… hooked class, vomited straight on Lady Gaga while she was playing the drums.

This vomiting scene continued to last, making the entire audience present at the festival shocked, even uncomfortable. The climax is when Lady Gaga drags Millie Brown onto a high platform simulating horse riding, where the vomit turns into black things, creating a not at all pleasant scene.

Right after Lady Gaga performed, she faced a series of criticism from fans and the media, saying that she had gone too far beyond the limits of “ creative” and “offensive”, “unhygienic”. In an interview in 2014, she affirmed that this is “art in its purest form”.

“We believe in the character of artists as well as strong identities like this. ARTPOP is an album that brings art and music into one, as well as bringing out the spirit of rebellious creativity.

I believe that not many people will “feel” it.” Lady Gaga responded to NME in 2014 when facing a “rain” of criticism after the above mentioned horror performance.

During this event, Lady Gaga also shocked when she transformed into… a slab of meat that was grilled directly on stage.