Recently, Cardi B performed at an exhibition in California. After the incident of losing her pants on stage, she thought that the female rapper had immediately “buried” a series of body-tight clothes, but no, she still stuck to this sexy fashion style that shows off her skin.

Cardi B wears a tight blue bodysuit with low-cut hips and fishnet stockings, showing off her “super huge” butt. The female singer’s dance performance showing off her legs was also harshly criticized by the audience. In many moments, if not paying close attention, viewers mistakenly thought her socks were torn right on stage.

But in reality, it was just the plastic layer pasted on the tattoo that was pushed back.

The female singer also cleverly chose a tonal hair color with her outfit.

The female rapper’s “huge” butt is exposed in front of the camera.

Cardi B really favors bodysuit designs that show off her voluptuous butt…

The tight jumpsuit caused her to have trouble pointing at her seat right on the stage.

An embarrassing incident that Cardi B probably never wants to look back on.