The Rock has appeared on more SmackDowns than Roman Reigns in 2024.

The Rock has appeared on more SmackDowns than Roman Reigns in 2024

The Rock will never leave SmackDown, it’s his home! So, that’s not true anymore. The Great One has announced that he will, in fact, grace WWE RAW with his presence.

You see, The Brahma Bull’s top rival in the current storyline is Cody Rhodes, followed closely by Seth Rollins. Both of these superstars are from WWE RAW, but they have made appearances on WWE SmackDown. The American Nightmare has made a deal with Paul Heyman to show up on the upcoming episode of the blue show.

That being said, The People’s Champ needs to showcase his heel persona to the RAW audience as well. He can’t just be taking shots at Rhodes in Rock’s home, Rock must take shots at Cody Rhodes in Rhodes’ home too! Hence, for ONLY one night, The Rock will make an appearance on WWE RAW.

He will be on the red show on April 1st, 2024, in Brooklyn, New York. Is this The Brahma Bull playing an April Fool’s prank on the RAW audience? We’ll find out on the day!

Former WWE writer gives his opinion on Cody Rhodes and The Rock

With the way events have unfolded in the past couple of weeks, it’s become clear that Cody Rhodes is only focused on The People’s Champ. He has barely spoken about the match that caused the huge uproar on the Road to WrestleMania: his match against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Championship.

Former WWE writer Vince Russo gave his two cents on what was going on with the American Nightmare and why he has put Reigns in the rear-view mirror.

“I’m listening to him, and I’m saying to myself, first of all, here’s my first question. Who are you wrestling at WrestleMania? The Rock or Roman Reigns? Because the way he’s cutting this promo, The Rock has already gotten in his head. You’ve forgotten all about Roman Reigns. Not a tag match, bro. The match against Roman Reigns, you waited a year for this. You’re not talking about Roman Reigns at all.”

Well, to say he is not talking about The Tribal Chief at all would be wrong. Just on the latest episode of WWE RAW, The American Nightmare referred to Rock as “Roman Reigns’ side chick.”