Stars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck pack up their leftovers together after watching the blockbuster ‘Dune 2’ at a Los Angeles theater.

One viewer shared on X a video of Bennifer and his wife picking up burns and water left over from Sunday’s screening. This person was also surprised because he accidentally sat in the same theater as the Hollywood star couple.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck pick up leftovers in the movie theater.

Dune 2 is amazing. The post credits scene is the discovery of J.Lo and Ben Affleck sitting right in front of us! Unbelievable,” the viewer wrote.

Fan bất ngờ khi nhận ra vợ chồng Jennifer Lopez - Ben Affleck trong rạp lúc họ cúi xuống nhặt đồ.

Fans were surprised to spot Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in the theater as they bent down to pick up things.

J.Lo’s and his wife’s act of packing up their leftovers before leaving the theater received many compliments. One fan commented: “A lot of people forget food and water in public places. Very respectful to J.Lo and Ben.”

Bennifer went on a weekend date, went to the movies like any other couple, and tried to keep a low profile when he entered the theater. They both wore simple, comfortable outfits. The 54-year-old singer wore a rustic face, wearing overalls that combined a sweater and cardigan while the 51-year-old actor wore jeans with a checkered shirt.

Bennifer đi mua sắm hôm Chủ nhật trước khi xem phim. Ảnh: Backgrid

Bennifer went shopping Sunday before watching the movie. Photo: Backgrid

That same day, the couple, dressed in the same outfit, went shopping in Los Angeles. J.Lo and Ben were seen holding hands on the street, carrying bags.

Jennifer Lopez is currently busy promoting the documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told which premiered on Amazon. The film follows the singer’s love journey through two decades with Ben Affleck. It is one of three of J.Lo’s art projects released in February, along with his album This Is Me… Now and the musical film This Is Me… Now: A Love Story.