The American Nightmare is heading to SmackDown this week

The American Nightmare is heading to SmackDown this week [Image via WWE on TNT]

Cody Rhodes cut a promo on RAW this week in a scathing response to The Rock. While being respectful to the latter’s family, Cody took several shots at him before Paul Heyman came out to make an incredible deal.

Paul Heyman had already teased doing something big backstage on RAW in a segment with Adam Pearce, where he informed the RAW General Manager that Roman Reigns disapproved of Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa’s attack on Jey earlier that night.

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When Cody Rhodes came out, he took several shots at The Rock and even accused him of having LDS or “Little D*** Syndrome.” Paul Heyman, meanwhile, made an offer for this Friday.

For their face-to-face confrontation segment, Heyman said that Roman Reigns will be alone and without The Bloodline, provided Cody Rhodes also comes alone.

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It was an offer that Cody accepted while also fully knowing what could happen. Backstage on RAW after the segment, Jey Uso approached him with gratitude and offered to come to SmackDown – an offer Cody politely declined.

It’s rare to see Roman Reigns without The Bloodline, but it will make for an interesting segment.

Perhaps the only downside of this feud so far is that it has been centered around Cody and The Rock rather than Cody and Roman, as it should be.