The Rock barbarously dragging Cody Rhodes’ mother onto their on-screen beef has been a recurring theme of the WWE Universe of late. Tonight on the red brand, The American Nightmare addressed the insult with a savage reply to the Great One. However, unlike Johnson, Rhodes made it clear he had immense respect for The Rock’s mama. While these exchanges bridged a connection between the mothers of the two wrestling bigwigs, they had their own history with wrestling as well.

Amidst the Mama-calling trend in promos, let us quickly flick through their relevance in WWE.
How Cody Rhodes’ mother has played a part in WWE storylines so far?<

The Rock is clearly not afraid of throwing anyone under the bus ever since he revived his iconic heel gimmick. After casting doubt on Cody Rhodes’ timing of birth, The Rock took a slap from Cody Rhodes last week.

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But he didn’t stop. The new heel in the house deliberately capitalized on it through a separate social media promo. The Rock’s scathing warning to Mama Rhodes sounds like, ”Here’s what’s gonna happen at WrestleMania, The Rock wants your momma to have a front-row seat.

Mama Rhodes, you’re now in the Rock’s crosshairs. Your son’s blood will be on the Rock’s belt, that I will personally deliver to you at WrestleMania. I’m gonna put a whuppin’ on that boy, in front of his mama – so don’t you go crying in front of the world when I do.”

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Now, it’s more than likely for WWE to heavily feature Rhodes’ mother on WrestleMania and add more drama to the plate. They did it earlier too. Mama Rhodes has been involved in Cody Rhodes-Brock Lesnar’s storyline in the past. On top of that, she also wanted to fight Gunther after he put her son through some punishment during the Royal Rumble 2023.

Rhodes himself spilled in an interview how his mama furiously looked at the Intercontinental Champion intending to start a war right away. While it’s typical for a woman of a classic wrestling family to possess a personal connection with the game, it’s still worth paying attention.

On the other hand, The Rock’s mother, Ata Johnson, also has an innate connection with pro wrestling.

The Rock’s mother’s acquaintance with the world of pro-wrestling: Explained

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Ata Johnson is the daughter of the renowned Samoan wrestler Peter Maivia, and the wrestling promoter, Ofelia Lia Maivia. To talk about her role in the wrestling world, she was a Raw performer during the late ’90s. She was present in ‘WrestleMania 2000’. She also showed up in several TV shows and series throughout the 2000. The company featured her in a few WWE PLEs including ‘Survivor Series,’ ‘WrestleMania XXVIII,’ ‘WrestleMania XXX,’ and also in some weekly shows as well. Apart from these, the seasoned wrestling lady acted in ‘The WWE: Mae Mae Young Classic Women’s Tournament and formed an inseparable part of the Young Rock series.


It will be interesting to see how WWE pans out the Mamas’ angle in the future Cody Rhodes vs The Rock storylines.

What’s your take on the long-grown wrestling connection of Cody Rhodes and Dwayne Johnson’s mothers? Let us know in the comments.