Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman began working together in 2020

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman began working together in 2020.

Roman Reigns’s transition into becoming The Tribal Chief has made him one of the biggest stars in WWE history. His current character turned him into a dominant villain and transcended into mainstream popularity, but he had some help in crafting the character courtesy of Paul Heyman.

Roman Reigns debuted The Tribal Chief in 2020 and his alliance with Paul Heyman, who helped him on and off screen in his new journey as a heel until the company’s top villain. Together, the duo formed The Bloodline, delivered some of the most unforgettable promos, and dominated every opponent on their way. As it turns out, the 2024 WWE Hall of Famer had a specific movie in mind while creating the notorious character.

Speaking to Barrett Sports Media, Paul Heyman revealed that The Tribal Chief was inspired by Marlon Brando’s character from the 2001 movie Apocalypse Now. The Wiseman shared that Marlon was the heart and soul of Roman’s character, which is “a warrior so great that he conquered his own island,” referencing the Island of Relevancy.

Paul further explained that he wanted to build Roman’s character as somebody the WWE Universe and the performers look to for guidance and wisdom, causing him to feel burdened by the responsibility and accountability. Heyman added that Roman’s villainry comes from resenting those who “looked to him for the guidance that he wanted to give them in the beginning, and then that obligation became too much for him to bear.”

Was Paul Heyman hesitant to work with Roman Reigns?

Roman began his legendary 1000+ days as Undisputed Universal Champion at Payback 2020.Roman began his legendary 1000+ days as Undisputed Universal Champion at Payback 2020.
Although Paul Heyman already has an idea of who and what The Tribal Chief will be, he still has to think twice about working with The Bloodline member. Fortunately, the duo works well together.

While previously on Sports Illustrated, Paul Heyman stated that he was hesitant to return to an on-screen role after his sting with Brock Lesnar. The former added that the only person he would return for at that point was someone who would live their life “in pursuit of achieving the impossibility,” which turned out to be Roman Reigns.

What Bloodline-related idea did Roman Reigns turn down?

On the latest WWE RAW episode, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa attacked Jey Uso, but Cody Rhodes came to his aid. On a backstage segment during the show, Paul Heyman informed Adam Pearce that Roman Reigns did not agree with the attack.

It would be interesting to see what else Paul and Roman have in store as WrestleMania grows near.